My Bullet Journal Essentials


{I use a Large Softcover Moleskine Dotted Notebook. Each Notebook I use for one season or 3 months. Each season gets a new color.}


{I use these three pouches to carry everything in.}


{The Banana carries pencils while the Stand-up Cases carry my permanent and erasable pens.}


{These are my Pilot Frixion erasable pens for my day-to-day Bullet Journal entries. Each day has its own color code, which I use throughout the journal. I use the black for my bullet to-dos.}


{I use these pens for my outlines and formats. The smallest black G2 I have is .38, the largest is .7. The Micron is .5. }


{I am phasing out these Papermate felt pens, for these Frixion Pilot erasable highlighters. Is use these to track my daily events, appointments, and time.}


{If I am in a rush and don’t have time to color code, I will write it in pencil and then change it later when I have a free moment. The largest size I have is .9 and the smallest is .5.}


{I use the Moleskine Pens on the left for journaling. The Poppin Pens (similar here) on the right I have handy for general notes or in case someone asks to borrow a pen.}

Find of the Week: Calligraphy Pens

FullSizeRender 86

I remember my mother having these same pens in the 90s as part of her pleasant memories scrapbooking kit, and I could not pass them up when I stumbled upon them at Paper Source recently. It was definitely a spur of the moment buy even if they were really reasonably price. Once I got home I remembered that when I was young I had no idea how to use the pens and would often fail at my ‘calligraphy’ attempts. Twenty Four year old me also continues to fail at these attempts.

Over the next couple weeks you will probably see me practicing my handwriting and typography on Instagram, but these pens also inspired me to take one step further and sign up for Paper Source’s Five Part Creative Hand Lettering Workshop Series. I cannot wait to share my new skills with my readers, and hopefully I will be able to make some gorgeous letters and cards in the near future.