Two Years Since Undergrad


Two years ago, I had just graduated from Ole Miss. I had accepted a position with the Mississippi Teacher Corps and I was excited to start my two-year graduate school journey into teaching. My boyfriend and I moved into our first apartment together. We had four amazing cats. I was so hopeful and desperate to start my adult life.

I left the program after 7 months. I took an eight month hiatus from school, the longest time I had ever not been a full-time student. I was unable to find consistent work for that period because no one wanted to hire someone full-time that was planning to move to NY by the end of the year or I did not have the right experience.

Looking back: I should have accepted a part-time job at Square Books instead of Insomnia Cookies. I could have become a non-degree seeking student at Ole Miss and taken a couple classes that spring/summer. I could have spent my time creating art, reading, and making my heart full. I don’t regret the decisions I made because they have made me who I am today. I do look on them as learning experiences that will continue to help me develop throughout my adult life. I am sad that I chose to spend so much time feel sorry for myself and allowing others to make me feel small.

I attempted to write young adult, but I am not in that category anymore. I have not been in a while. I am in my mid-20s. This year I am 25. In five years I will be 30. Wow.


I have two amazing cats. I am meeting amazing people from all different walks of life and I hope to keep in touch with them after three years or if I were to ever leave the area. I wear less makeup, and contacts are usually reserved for sports. I don’t buy cheap things just because they are cheap. I have placed less emphasis on things and more emphasis on people and experiences. I have one living grandparent left, and I am not sure if she will make it to my graduation but I am hopeful. I cherish every moment with my family and friends, just in case. I write letters to people when they least expect it and try to be as thoughtful as possible. I am slowly making amends with people I feel I have wronged in the past- if you are one of those (you might not even feel that way) a letter  and apology is headed your way. I am not in the dating game. I am focusing on me. I want to experience the world more by myself, as an individual.

Small Things

If you are reading this then I am not in New York, but in a car somewhere between Niceville Florida and Sulphur Springs Texas. This upcoming week should be a blast for me, but leading up to it has kind of been emotionally exhausting. I worked four days this week with the hope of making just enough money so I wouldn’t be strapped when I returned from my trip. I met with two wonderful women who would like me to produce documentaries surrounding stories they shared (and I found thanks to Craigslist), and had a meeting with an aspiring Musical producer. To say the least, I am glad I have an unlimited Metrocard because I was running around everywhere this week.

FullSizeRender 35

{I just learned this week that Kawaii means cute in Japanese. I’m dying over these felt taxidermy heads.}

FullSizeRender 38

{Watched a breathtaking sunset in Green Pointe. }

FullSizeRender 39

{Had a lovely dinner and evening with this lady at the same Green Pointe locale. }

Find of the Week: Market Tote

FullSizeRender 36

One thing that I have been constantly looking for since moving to New York this past August was a sturdy, functional and stylish market tote. I did not want an oversized basket, but I was also afraid a freebie cotton one would not last for long. I fell in love with the two-tone neutral blocking of this Cotton and Jute bag I saw on amazon. I took a risk on it and it paid off. To my surprise in the mail came two totes! I should really read the labels better, but in my defense at the time the title did not start with “Pack of 2”. I ended up sending one to my mother since she often is in need of another catch-all bag. I am very pleased with how this is holding up. Even cleaning it following leakage from a lunch pail has been breeze. Perfect shades for my spring, summer and fall wardrobes, and for winter I might keep it out against the black for some color. I am disappointed and pleased to say others in my area have found the same find worthwhile. Every Saturday at the farmer’s market I see 2-5 moms lugging one around full of fresh finds.

Summer Capsule Wardrobe

FullSizeRender 89

This season I changed my game a bit. Spring is all about transition pieces: you might start with heavy sweaters but eventually you need to dwindle down to some spring sandals. Summer is all about the heat the entire time, so not only couple I be extra picky with my clothes based on style and fit alone but I could also 1) go through at the very beginning of the season what I knew I wouldn’t wear to get sweaty 2) buy some pieces straight away for gaping holes in my closet, and 3) really purge on the amount overall that I had. I still plan to go leaner, but that will be based on use, fit, and durability over time.

As an added bonus, since I was there I went through my formal dresses as well that are usually always stored away. I purged 10 dresses! Shamefully I admit that I still probably have 10 more, but they the remainder fit inside my hanging cloth duster along with my fall/winter jackets and coats.

My Color Palette:

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 12.12.30 AM

Metallic Accent: none

Neutral Accents: White/ Navy Blue/ Tan/ Denim

My summer capsule wardrobe:

(65) Total Items at beginning of Season-  (including Shoes, Accessories, Beach Cover-Ups, and Sport Specific Water Wear)

(36) Main Closet: 

1 Sweatshirt (Mom’s vintage Red Paris Sorbonne University)

1 Pullover Sweater (pink, loose, Central Park West)

1 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan (Red Gap)

4 3/4 sleeve collared Blouse (J.Crew Pink + Blue Hawaii Sunset/ Michael Kors White/ Old Navy Coral with tiny white Polka dots/ Red Chaps linen with gold buttons)

1 Short Sleeve Collared Blouse (vintage petite Liz Claiborne with travel/luggage print)

4 3/4 Sleeve Non-Collared Blouses (White and blue striped/ Lilly Pulitzer Blue with yellow emboirdery/ Banana Republic White and Blue Floral/ Trina Turk Yellow + Green Floral and Seashell Print)

2 Short Sleeve Blouses (K by Kinnucans pink and blue floral print with flutter sleeves and open back/ Mollusk faded blue and cream linen boat neck)

5 Sleeveless Blouses (The Limited Yellow Green with with Turquoise embellishments/ Banana Republic Turquoise with clear beaded geometric pattern/  Loft coral pink with teal bird pattern/ Cloth & Stone night wash denim/ Red Liz Claiborne button front silk)

1 Spaghetti Strap Tank (Banana Republic white with leaf print)

1 Short Sleeve Knit (Fresh Bleu White Tee)

1 Sleeveless Knit Tank (American Eagle Watermelon)

2 Cotton Chino Capris (Banana Republic Coral/ Old Navy Yellow and White Floral Print)

1 Jean Capri (Abercrombie and Fitch DIYed)

1 Tea-Length Cotton Skirt (Vintage Reed Hunter White high-waisted button up A-Line)

1 Mini Denim Skirt (Vintage Sam & Max, two-toned high-waisted denim mini)

2 Denim Shorts (Just Black White Cuffed, Just Black Light Wash Cuffed)

5 Summer Dresses (Zara Basic Denim Halter Dress/ Old Navy Green + Pink Floral Spaghetti Strap/ Gap Linen Black and Tan Floral Cap Sleeve/Loft Navy and White Striped/ Therea/ Navy and Green floral Bell Sleeve

1 Business Casual Dress (Calvin Klein Bright Yellow Sleevless)

1 Fun Cocktail Dress (Jessica Simpson Coral One-Shoulder piped dress with camel-waist belt)

(29) Accessories: 

1 Pair of Beach Flip Flops (Brown Classic Rainbows)

1 Raincoat (orange and grey Adidas)

1 Oversized Beach Bag (Floral bright pink Very Bradley)

2 Beach Cover-Ups (White tunic with navy floral embroidery/ oversized men’s linen peach oxford)

2 Hats  (bright yellow ball cap with KAO embroidery/ paper straw hat with brim)

2 Columbia Shirts (Purple Short Sleeve/ Medium Blue Long Sleeve)

2 scarves (red, white, light blue and navy Kate Spade/ fuchsia White House Black Market Stole/Kappa Alpha Theta Lilly Pulitzer Fashion scarf)

2 handkerchiefs (red and blue vintage with Polish florals/Blue and pin with Polish florals)

5 bags (red, white and blue oversized Michael Kors tote/ vintage Talbots straw weave bag with colorful tassels/ light brown Besso handbag/ medium brown vintage Coach/yellowy-brown vintage Dooney and Bourke)

5 Sunglasses (Brown Oversized Kate Spades with gold Polka Dots/ Black Round Ray-Bans/ Brown Tortoise Ray-Bans/ 1 vintage Ray-Ban with prescription sunglass lenses/ 1 cheap pair to wear on a boat)

6 Shoes (white Converse/ tan Ann Taylor sandals/ Arizona Birkenstocks/ OTBT Wedges/ taupe Tahari kitten heels/ Moda yellowy-brown scrappy pumps)

Items not in the count: 


Work-Out Wear


Swimsuits (I have had the same 4 for over 6 years)


Psst! I generate my color palettes at Adobe Color, but the best place to create a palette from a picture is Canva.





Spring Capsule Recap

My Original Color Palette:


Metallic Accent: Rose Gold

My spring capsule wardrobe:

Total Items at beginning of Season- 50 (excluding accessories and shoes)

Detox Goal: 35-40 items [Strikethrough indicates purged item, parentheses explain where it went if not sold/donated]

1 medium wash Jean jacket (moved to fall)

1 faux beige suede jacket

1 heather grey Sweatshirt

1 Blazers (beige/lavender)

2 sweaters (beige cardigan/white kimono /light grey flutter sleeve)

2 pullover sweaters (grey knit/grey cashmere/light pink/white /white and grey striped 3/4 sleeve)

2 Blouses (white 3/4 sleeve/white oxford/ black and white checked oxford 3/4 sleeve (moved to winter)/beige 3/4 sleeve/ white short sleeve)

1 collared tanks (white/beige )

0 knit tops (grey long sleeve/ grey long sleeve/ white short sleeve/ grey short sleeve/ grey short sleeve/ light coral and grey short sleeve)

1 tanks (pale pink/grey)

2 denim pants (light grey/white)

1 denim capri (light wash (moved to fall)/light yellow)

4 shorts (tan/white/light blue/cream and grey)

3 skirts (white/beige/pastel floral/ light blue/camel)

4 sleeveless dresses (beige with grey embroidery/cream with embroidery/light pink/light blue shell print/grey& mint)

1 short sleeve casual dress (light blue)

1 maxi dress (light blue)

1 business dress (beige)

1 3/4 sleeve dress (denim) (moved to fall )



1 Cream Embroidered Crop Top Blouse (moved from summer)

1 business dress cream/pink (moved from summer)





Accessories: Originally 23, Now 19  (including new additions)

0 belts (cream waist (paired with specific dress)/white waist (paired with specific dress/grey waist (paired with specific dress)/brown hip (moved to fall))

3 scarves (white/beige/white infinity with pastel/grey with pastels) + grey and white (moved from Winter)

5 bags (cream tote (moved to summer)/ light brown tote/straw tote(moved to summer)/ light blue handbag (sent to my mom in Florida)/light brown cross body) + mini cream/brown corssbody, brown/grey satchel,  brown bucket, cream/brown handbag (moved from Summer/Winter)

Boots (tan) 

White Converse (Moved to summer)

Grey penny loafers

Camel/black short block heels (spring/summer)

Arizona Birkenstocks (Moved to summer)

1 pairs of Sandals (pink/white block heel/light brown (moved to summer)/white (moved to summer))

Nude Pumps

Light Brown Strappy Heels (Spring/Summer)


New Additions:

Canvas and Jute Tote Bag

Light Blue Rain Boots

Mint Sneakers

Light Pink Sneakers

Light Pink Ballet Flats

Light Brown Lace-up Bootie Block Heels

Light Blue Bell Sleeve Blouse

Grey Short Sleeve Knit

Grey 3/4 Sleeve Knit

White Longsleeve Knit Pullover Sweater

Light Wash Chambray Long Sleeve

Pink Cold Shoulder Top

Rose Pink Tank

White Jean Jacket

Light Wash Chambray Sleeveless Dress

High-waisted Light Wash Straight  Jeans

Light Grey Ball Cap

Light Pink Skinny Belt

Light Brown Skinny Belt






Small Things

This week was about letting go and truly starting my summer.  I went to Bookoff USA to sell a bunch of books and then donated the rest. I went to Beacon’s Closet and Buffalo Exchange with bags of clothes to sell and only came home with a couple new pieces while donating the rest of everything that didn’t make it onto their sales floors. I volunteered and roughed it through the rainy day that almost canceled the Coney Island Mermaid Parade. I finally started making some progress with my official film and art website (no link, it is not live yet), and finally, Bunny had his annual Kitty wellness check-up. Poor thing has medication for 14 days for Gingivitis and an Ear-Yeast infection. Luckily my roommate is up for the task and will be able to administer the meds while I am in Florida at the end of the month in exchange for baked goods.

FullSizeRender 68

{Feirstein students were invited to this Gala for free! Of course I could not pass it up. }

FullSizeRender 72

{My favorite subway sign on the G-Metropolitan transfer-to-the L-Lorimer stop.}

FullSizeRender 73

{Did I mention my mom and I went to a Broadway show when she was visiting in April? Sunset Boulevard starring Glenn Close.}

Find of the Week: Computer Cover

FullSizeRender 24

The last time I had bought a worthy laptop cover was in 2011 when Apple was still making laptop covers for their laptops. When I bought my new macbook this past fall I also bought a gorgeous cover from Amazon to keep it safe. It was a white, grey, and gold marble design and it was beyond perfect. I also learned the lesson that I get what I paid for; the corners were chipped away by this spring and there was a huge crack down the back. It was only twelve dollars so I was not horribly broken hearted. I saw this cover on Amazon for about $25 and decided to splurge on it hoping that it would last a lot longer while continuing to protect my laptop in style. I was initially drawn to the beautiful the watercolor floral and opaque design. I feel like this cover can easily transition between the seasons while showing off my personality.


My Bullet Journal Essentials


{I use a Large Softcover Moleskine Dotted Notebook. Each Notebook I use for one season or 3 months. Each season gets a new color.}


{I use these three pouches to carry everything in.}


{The Banana carries pencils while the Stand-up Cases carry my permanent and erasable pens.}


{These are my Pilot Frixion erasable pens for my day-to-day Bullet Journal entries. Each day has its own color code, which I use throughout the journal. I use the black for my bullet to-dos.}


{I use these pens for my outlines and formats. The smallest black G2 I have is .38, the largest is .7. The Micron is .5. }


{I am phasing out these Papermate felt pens, for these Frixion Pilot erasable highlighters. Is use these to track my daily events, appointments, and time.}


{If I am in a rush and don’t have time to color code, I will write it in pencil and then change it later when I have a free moment. The largest size I have is .9 and the smallest is .5.}


{I use the Moleskine Pens on the left for journaling. The Poppin Pens (similar here) on the right I have handy for general notes or in case someone asks to borrow a pen.}

Desk Reveal

I haven’t had a desk since Zia peed on my old one in Fall 2015. Not only did I find one that was petite, sleek and modern but it still had enough space for my necessities without giving me so much room that I felt like I should fill it up with useless paper goods and writing utensils from Target. I am sure that I will make more desk adjustments in the future to the drawer but I am content to share its current state.

FullSizeRender 77

FullSizeRender 78

{I am still using acrylic dividers. Most of these I bought at the Container Store. I use the back half of the drawer for store and the front half for items I grab almost daily. }

Small Things

This was my first full week with no class, no papers, no classmates and just the ability to relax. Hopefully in the upcoming weeks I will be able to play catch-up with my life to-do list. I have kind of allowed it to pile up the past two months. Shame on me. The rest of the weekend I will be binge watching Orange is the New Black and I hope that is about it. Cheers!

FullSizeRender 15

{The perfect spring shoes. Light pink and rose gold accents. Thanks H&M.}

{Bake Sale Fundraising game was raised with Magnolia cupcakes and homemade Chocolate lollipop film molds.}

FullSizeRender 69

{The sweet face I wake up to in the morning. He, himself, is not so much a morning animal.}