Small Things

This past week was considerably lax. I only worked two days, I had the weekend mostly off, and classes went well. In my post-production class we had been editing a dialogue scene for the previous three weeks and were focusing on the the sounds that were in the scene. Though mine was not perfect, I was very proud that I challenged myself to include a thunderstorm, as well as mood music (it was a horror film after all). Meanwhile I completed my first coverage of a film for Process of Producing, and am moving swiftly forward in my creation of a feature film treatment for Script Analysis.


FullSizeRender 15

{A glimpse of my planner.}

FullSizeRender 29

{New crisp white sheets are a beautiful thing.}

FullSizeRender 16

{The TO READ list, and then to part with them}

Small Things

This previous week was so relaxed compared to the week prior, and it is honestly because I consistently kept with my schedule. I made sure that I had study time throughout the week and squished it in among my retail job. I made sure that I equally spaced my free time and my home work time allowing me to not become overstressed and wait till the last minute to complete tasks. This week I also started buying Blue Apron again. It was $60 for six plus delicious dinners over the week which made it easier for me to complete my shopping. I used the second portions for dinners on busy nights, and extras for snacks and lunch.

FullSizeRender 13

{A glimpse of my planner}

FullSizeRender 13

{I have found countless bookmarks thanks to my book detox. Who knew I had such a collection?}

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{This sweetheart kept sitting in the weirdest positions this past week. He was like this for 45 minutes. Don’t believe me? I have a video on my youtube channel.}

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 8.24.46 PM.png

{I am pumped to attend this Dance Party and Cocktail event at the end of this month. }

Small Things

This past week was very overpowering. I officially was only off one day but I ended up filling that day with catch-up activities. I am now glad to have a couple of days to breath before starting up again.

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{Last Week}

FullSizeRender 15

{I submitted the above piece to the MyMoleskine In Case of Loss Challenge. }

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{While going through my paper goods I found this binder decoration I made in undergrad.}

IMG_0772 2

{Not my photo, but I need this coffee mug and everything else Germany related.}

Small Things

Do not let my planner fool you, my schedule was very much full. When I was not in class or at work I was helping out friends, running doing chores, and attending events. Even though I had today to recover I still feel like I am trailing behind. Hopefully this next week I will feel in charge of my week instead of being stepped on.


{A glimpse of last week }

{My mother gifted me with Life Loyal membership to my fraternity for Christmas and I officially received my paperwork (and welcome gift) this past week}


{Here is a teaser of the creative challenge submission I am creating for Moleskine to celebrate the launch of their Peter Pan Themed Notebooks}

Small Things

I am finally starting to have a consistent routine for myself that revolves around both work, class and my home life. Despite having to juggle more activities and schedule everything, I feel as though I have more free time. I make sure that I schedule things that I care most about (fitness and relaxation) while still being able to do mandatory events (work, class and homework). I even have some time in-between for hanging out with friends. Though this past week was very challenging due to my break-up with P, mutual and not dramatic, I still look at it as finding my stride.

FullSizeRender 13.jpg

{A glimpse of last week}


{I am gushing over these stickers a work colleague has for her bullet journal}


{I added a bill tracker to the back of my agenda book 🙂 }

Small Things

This past week I consistently lost track of time and then gained it back elsewhere. By Wednesday rolled around I felt like I had lost control of my schedule and would never catch up, but luckily the fates brought a mini blizzard. All my classes and activities were cancelled Thursday because of it and I was given the luxury of sleeping in. I also took the opportunity to finish my late classwork and work ahead for the following week. Saturday was hard since it was the last day of pre-production before starting to shoot the short Dear Sterling with my amazing friend and talented director Kat Roman. P wrote the script in early 2014 and I am excited to see it not only come to life, but stand out in some film festivals.

FullSizeRender 13.jpg

{A glimpse of  last week}


{My find of the week: automatic feeders}

FullSizeRender 15.jpg

{My favorite go-to work out (I need to buy some more black)}

Small Things

This week will be defined as the calm before the storm. There were not that many plans for me during the week and most of them ended up being cancelled for one reason or another. I attempted to finish up my home downsizing and reorganizing prior to the start of the spring semester on Monday the 30th and the start of my job at Moleskin.


{P received this 15 ft long Magnificent 7 Poster as a gift in November from our friend Emily. I just now found the time and the space to hang it.}


{Gorgeous succulents our neighbors rescued from the trash}


{Adding more and more to my Poshmark Closet daily thanks to the downsize bug}

Small Things

The week was full to the brim for meetings, work, and other activities. I rarely had a day to rest.  I felt that I did not have a moment to myself and was running very close to empty. When I am most stressed and feel overwhelmed, I find solace in taking ten minutes to sit in a quiet spot painting my nails. Even if everything is a whirlwind around me those ten minutes bring me back to finding balance.

{Jane Austen adult coloring book my mother picked up for me at the Met}

img_0122 6dc062b2c62558ffe35bd85197cf8e3a.jpg

{This cat was probably an otter in a past life}


{My favorite makeup look from the week}

Small Things

This was my week to reset following the departure of my family. I not only was able to look at myself, but also my home life. I outlined my action plan for my 2017 resolutions and continued some of my 2016 resolutions. I cannot wait to grow more as an individual, in my relationship with P and as a New Yorker.

{Our heaters shocked our plants into thinking spring has sprung}