Small Things

Time seems to be flying by really fast over this summer. I barely have over 30 days before classes begin again. Not long ago it seemed like school was ages away. I have been enjoying the company of friends a lot and I am blessed to be able to see so many over the break. I remember in undergrad the city of Oxford would become very deserted and all my friends were usually out-of-state. I am becoming more adventurous on my own though: Ft. Greene Farmer’s Market, Bars, Festivals, finding the best cheap dive restaurants and much more.

FullSizeRender 91

{I cannot wait to wear this vintage homemade dress in the fall. <3}

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{I went through my art supplies this past week. My bujo friend Kay is receiving about 15 lbs worth of watercolors, pencils, acrylic paints, watercolor paper and assorted pastels. }

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{My favorite photo of a photo from Texas. My Grandma Kay’s parents doing what they did best.}

Small Things

Coming back from a much needed vacation almost deserves a day of recovery from just the vacation. Today I flew back to NYC with FDR in tow leaving behind family and friends in both Florida and Texas. Despite being a vacation it was really jam-packed. Two days were spent in airports with a cat carrier, 2 days were spent in a Honda Van on a highway, 2 days were in an isolated town in Texas with no internet and poor phone signal, and the remaining 3 days were spent in Florida drinking, kayaking, pooling, eating, and having 3 cavities filled. Despite the wind being taken out of me, I am very grateful I was able to spend time with my grandmother who is in her mid-90s and my old brother before he is stationed in the middle-east for 9 months. Both were very solemn good-byes, a custom I become very socially awkward around.

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{Close-up of a completed Jane Austen coloring page}

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{The recipe book is filling up. So glad I get to cut out photos from the Blue Apron recipes as reference.}

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{I wear these socks when I want to feel empowered to get a job done! }

Small Things

If you are reading this then I am not in New York, but in a car somewhere between Niceville Florida and Sulphur Springs Texas. This upcoming week should be a blast for me, but leading up to it has kind of been emotionally exhausting. I worked four days this week with the hope of making just enough money so I wouldn’t be strapped when I returned from my trip. I met with two wonderful women who would like me to produce documentaries surrounding stories they shared (and I found thanks to Craigslist), and had a meeting with an aspiring Musical producer. To say the least, I am glad I have an unlimited Metrocard because I was running around everywhere this week.

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{I just learned this week that Kawaii means cute in Japanese. I’m dying over these felt taxidermy heads.}

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{Watched a breathtaking sunset in Green Pointe. }

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{Had a lovely dinner and evening with this lady at the same Green Pointe locale. }

Small Things

This week was about letting go and truly starting my summer.  I went to Bookoff USA to sell a bunch of books and then donated the rest. I went to Beacon’s Closet and Buffalo Exchange with bags of clothes to sell and only came home with a couple new pieces while donating the rest of everything that didn’t make it onto their sales floors. I volunteered and roughed it through the rainy day that almost canceled the Coney Island Mermaid Parade. I finally started making some progress with my official film and art website (no link, it is not live yet), and finally, Bunny had his annual Kitty wellness check-up. Poor thing has medication for 14 days for Gingivitis and an Ear-Yeast infection. Luckily my roommate is up for the task and will be able to administer the meds while I am in Florida at the end of the month in exchange for baked goods.

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{Feirstein students were invited to this Gala for free! Of course I could not pass it up. }

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{My favorite subway sign on the G-Metropolitan transfer-to-the L-Lorimer stop.}

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{Did I mention my mom and I went to a Broadway show when she was visiting in April? Sunset Boulevard starring Glenn Close.}

Small Things

This was my first full week with no class, no papers, no classmates and just the ability to relax. Hopefully in the upcoming weeks I will be able to play catch-up with my life to-do list. I have kind of allowed it to pile up the past two months. Shame on me. The rest of the weekend I will be binge watching Orange is the New Black and I hope that is about it. Cheers!

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{The perfect spring shoes. Light pink and rose gold accents. Thanks H&M.}

{Bake Sale Fundraising game was raised with Magnolia cupcakes and homemade Chocolate lollipop film molds.}

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{The sweet face I wake up to in the morning. He, himself, is not so much a morning animal.}

Small Things

The final countdown! I just finished my first full year of graduate school. Only 2 more to go. One third of the way there. Four more semesters, 24 more months. Its not like I am counting though.

I am starting to work on a summer documentary series with some classmates for pleasure, I am about to begin some major purging of my home life things, and I am happy I get to give my cats some attention that they truly deserve. Hopefully I will last the summer in NYC without AC.

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{Check out these amazing door stops!}

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{Patron Saint of Satire and Parody.}

FullSizeRender 88

{Happy Kitty present from my friends Kat and Sean from their trip to D.C. Not quite sure how this 5-inch thing came out of a vending machine but I believe them. }

Small Things

This past week was considerably lax. I only worked two days, I had the weekend mostly off, and classes went well. In my post-production class we had been editing a dialogue scene for the previous three weeks and were focusing on the the sounds that were in the scene. Though mine was not perfect, I was very proud that I challenged myself to include a thunderstorm, as well as mood music (it was a horror film after all). Meanwhile I completed my first coverage of a film for Process of Producing, and am moving swiftly forward in my creation of a feature film treatment for Script Analysis.


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{A glimpse of my planner.}

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{New crisp white sheets are a beautiful thing.}

FullSizeRender 16

{The TO READ list, and then to part with them}

Small Things

This previous week was so relaxed compared to the week prior, and it is honestly because I consistently kept with my schedule. I made sure that I had study time throughout the week and squished it in among my retail job. I made sure that I equally spaced my free time and my home work time allowing me to not become overstressed and wait till the last minute to complete tasks. This week I also started buying Blue Apron again. It was $60 for six plus delicious dinners over the week which made it easier for me to complete my shopping. I used the second portions for dinners on busy nights, and extras for snacks and lunch.

FullSizeRender 13

{A glimpse of my planner}

FullSizeRender 13

{I have found countless bookmarks thanks to my book detox. Who knew I had such a collection?}

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{This sweetheart kept sitting in the weirdest positions this past week. He was like this for 45 minutes. Don’t believe me? I have a video on my youtube channel.}

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 8.24.46 PM.png

{I am pumped to attend this Dance Party and Cocktail event at the end of this month. }

Small Things

This past week was very overpowering. I officially was only off one day but I ended up filling that day with catch-up activities. I am now glad to have a couple of days to breath before starting up again.

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{Last Week}

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{I submitted the above piece to the MyMoleskine In Case of Loss Challenge. }

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{While going through my paper goods I found this binder decoration I made in undergrad.}

IMG_0772 2

{Not my photo, but I need this coffee mug and everything else Germany related.}