Blog Organization: Planning Posts

No two bloggers keep their blog posts organized in the same way. Some write blurbs hours before they are published with little preplanning, others plan months in advance what they post, and then there are people like me who attempt to pre-plan but often fall behind (sorry everyone!). Though blogging is not a business for me, I do like to keep it organized as if it were one. Here is the system I use to organize, plan, and  create posts for my blog. You can learn more about my Erin Condren Life Planner here.

Setting and Keeping Goals-

Though this blog is for my personal benefit, I do like to keep goals for myself so I can determine whether or not what I am posting is relevant and engaging. I set goals for collaboration, followers, daily visitors, post views per visitor, Instagram followers, and types of posts.


Keeping track of future and past posts-

  1. I write down the idea I have for a post.idea
  2. After research, I write the content and then highlight the title. post
  3. I take the photos, insert them in the post and then schedule the post on the site. photos


2016 was a year of finding myself and my path. This time last year I was unemployed, mentally defeated, and emotionally unstable. Now I am working part-time while attending graduate school full-time, I know where I am heading for my future career and life, and I use all my past experiences to always look forward. I plan to continue my writing resolution for the upcoming year and am looking into more interactive ways to engage my readers (keep your eyes open for give-aways, discounts, and more).

Here are some of my favorite photos from the past year.

img_4455-2img_0191c2086-dsc01045IMG_0358nathans hotdogs


Her Long Black Hair Audio Walk in Central Park

photo_cardiff_04_view1_321x244w{Courtesy of the Public Art Fund}

In September 2016, I was required to attend an audio walk for my Integrated Media class. It was called Her Long Black Hair and was first introduced to New York in 2004.  Philip and I headed to Central Park on a lazy Saturday, synced our mp3 tracks, and headed down the paved paths. We were not quite sure if it would be fun, but it forced us to trek around the gorgeous park for the first time in the summer (a crime!) and discover its hidden beauty. The entire tour took us about one hour to complete, which included breaks, switching between tracks, and heading 10 minutes in the wrong direction and then backtracking. Overall both P and I had a great time and even though it wasn’t planned, we definitely considered it a date.


Spoilers: The tour itself was hosted by a woman narrator seeking exact park locations where an anonymous woman’s pictures were taken. She narrates and guides you around the park. On the way to each location, she asks you to notice the small things you might have missed if you had just walked by. At times she has you do “experiments” which are meant to heighten some senses while sacrificing others. Meanwhile , you are asked to view the pictures for the tour. You are in the exact spot of the photographer of when the pictures of the anonymous woman were taken. Throughout our narrator speculates about this unknown woman and her long black hair. This psychological and physical experience is something that is worthwhile.

If you live in the NYC area and would like to take a gander at it, I would highly recommend. Tracks and pictures here in the digital archive.



Giving Thanks


P and I are hosting Thanksgiving in NYC this year- unfortunately without our families. Instead we are hosting all the exchange students from our graduate program, as well as a few others who normally spend the break alone. I am excited to host and up for the challenge. This will be the largest get-together we have had since moving in. This is my first Thanksgiving without my family present, which makes me even more grateful to have them in my life because I realize how profound their absence is. I have so much to be thankful for: Philip, my healthy cats, an amazing school, a welcoming city, and the continuous support of others. Have a happy Thanksgiving, and a healthy portion of turkey.


fullsizerender-7fullsizerender-5 fullsizerender-3fullsizerender-6



Happy Halloween!

Halloween is one of the few holidays outside of Christmas that people go out of their way for. We left most of our decorations in Oxford, but we still felt like we were celebrating everywhere we went.


{A  handmade sign hidden in some branches}


{A special note from my mother}


{Our neighbor’s door decor}

Why Lovely & Ludicrous?


{Image courtesy of}

Backtrack to 2011: I was a senior in high school about to graduate, I wasn’t quite sure about which college I was going to go to, and I was one who devoured fashion & lifestyle blogs and magazines religiously. The summer after I graduated, I created my own personal blog (originally through blogspot). I was not quite sure what I was going to post on it, and honestly, was not dedicated enough to it. My first year in college I had my most posts, a total of 10, and it dwindled further from there. In spring 2016, one of my new year’s resolutions was to write more and I thought it would be a great exercise to do this publicly on my blog. Before importing my work for blogspot, I did nuke and pave what was there originally that I did not think would work with my new vision of my personal blog.

One philosophy I always strived to maintain was based off of an inspirational quote I read one day on tumblr (these were the very early days of Pinterest so Tumblr was the way to go to bring visual images together). The quote was about how to have a lovely day. It conveyed to me that your day would be great if you made it great, and it reminded me that the small things always make the difference in everyday life. In order to remind myself that I wanted to have Lovely as part of my blog title. Being a word and literature buff I knew I wanted an alliteration title, since they always seem so catchy, but the struggle to find the right “L” word proved to be a feat for high school me. I settled on Ludicrous, defined as so foolish, unreasonable, or out of place as to be amusing; ridiculous. Life is ludicrous- you cannot predict it, and you just do your bet to work with it. I want my life to be lovely and ludicrous.

Theta Advisor


I am very excited to announce that I have accepted the position of Facility Management Advisor with the Epsilon Upsilon (Columbia University) Collegian Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta.

I am very honored to be able to give back to my fraternity, and cannot wait to help future leading women grow.


Introducing the Cats

P and I have four cats. Which sounds and is a bit on the ridiculous side, but it is similar to having four toddlers that won’t grown up for 15 years and can be left at home alone.


P had Chloe Kitty in the City (Chloe) for 15 years before I even met him. His sister Lora had adopted her when she was first married after another military family abandoned her following a move. Philip took Chloe with him after Lora started having children.


P got Zia Pueblo (Zia) from a local animal shelter a month after he and I met. Zia was super skittish and constantly overeating because she had been living off of garbage behind an apartment complex. Since then she has turned into a normal stereotypical aloof kitty.


P and I both adopted Prof. Robert B. Bunny (Bunny) from Nine Lives Cat Rescue. We went to buy litter and pet smart and came home with a cat. P saw Bunny through the glass and had to hold him. Bunny fell asleep in his arms. Why the name? Bunny has a stubbed tail due to injuries prior to adoption, and when he runs he looks like a bolting rabbit.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) started off as a foster kitty. You can read his full story on his gofundme page. We fell in love with him and his special needs after only a month. He has been the most work, but has shown us the most rewards.

Packages, Grovin’ and Pranks

[Originally Posted in September 2011]

So my mom sent me a huge “I miss my life without you” package. There were a bunch of goodies plus things I couldn’t fit into my car (9 pairs of shoes) when I originally moved up here. It came in on Friday thank goodness. The heels I wanted to wear on Saturday were in there. And speaking of Saturday. First football game of the seaon for the Ole’ Miss Rebels!! We ended up losing within the last minute, I have no comment for that unfortunate event, but “Groving” before, after and during the game was an experience. People started tailgating around 9 that morning, even thought the game was at 4! I did’t get down their with a friend until 12:30 and by then half of the tailgaters were drunk. Later that night, my friend, her guy friend and I went to her dorm to chill for a bit, and her guy friend fell asleep. Very bad idea. He woke up with painted fingernails and smelling like a ‘Fierce Tigress.’

{White house Black Market Dress, Besso Purse, Moda Spana Heels}


{Nine West watch, Forever 21 Earrings, Goodwill Sunglasses, Mom’s Bangle}


{Bracelets from the Frat Parties on Friday night}
{Poor Will}


{Ok… maybe we enjoyed ourselves a bit too much}