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{Two women trekking furniture across Brooklyn with a little Blue Wagon}

Part of the reason for my unscheduled and abrupt hiatus, though I did not reveal this at the time, was because in mid-April I moved to a new apartment. This added stress on top of my full-time graduate program and part-time job was way too much to handle. I felt like this first week of June has been the first time I have had a moment to myself to reflect and to relax at all. I was very lucky that my teachers were very understanding but I honestly tried to not let my personal situation affect what was going on in my academic life. This was extra hard among my school peers since due to the small community rumors tend to fly like crazy and I would still be attending class with my former boyfriend. I am very thankful that my co-workers were very supportive and helped me emotionally along, and that my mother and close friend were willing to help when I could not reach out to most of my classmates. I am pleased to now continue to share my new room, my new living situation, and update everyone on my cats and life in NYC.

Summer Documentary Series

The best part of being part of the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema is that during the off season the students are able to use the multi-million dollar facility and film equipment for personal projects. This summer myself and several classmate, will be creating mini documentaries (around 2-5 minutes in length) about ordinary people, events, and ideas that are actually quite extraordinary. I cannot wait to share these documentaries here as they become completed. Meanwhile, I will also be posting some projects I produced this past spring.

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{Set for one of the last films of the semester.}

If you know of anyone or anything special that should could be featured feel free to reach out that is in the NYC area (or available via transit) feel free to reach out.

Denim Day 2017


I will be wearing denim on April 26th (this next Wednesday) in honor of sexual violence awareness month. Eighteen years ago an Italian judge overruled a rape conviction due to the tightness of the victim’s pants. The judge believed the jeans were so tight that the victim must have helped take them off, thus implying consent. It should not matter what the victim is wearing in regards to consent and rape is a societal issue, not a women’s issue.

I will be attending class all day so it will not be too out of place wearing denim, but men and women across the United States will be wearing denim to work in lieu of casual and formal business outfits.  Feel free to join me and others by wearing denim not only during our day-to-day activities but also on social media. Please use the hashtag #denimday. Feel free to tag your work, college, fraternity, sorority, and other social organizations. Remember this is about awareness.

To learn more about Denim Day you can visit the official site.

Winter Storm Stella & Spring Cleaning

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{Some Stella Artois to celebrate the snow day}

Stella was a bit of a disappointment since it did not reach two feet of snow within New York City, but everything was still pretty much cancelled. Schools closed, above-ground train tracks were closed, and only mean bosses made their employees take taxis to work.

I stayed inside and ironically began spring cleaning (what else have I been doing the past two months?). I went through my winter capsule closet and purged items that I did not get much use  out of: some black tank tops, many cardigans, and duplicates of black blazers. Then I stored it all. Unfortunately at the moment my storage system consists of black trash bags piled in the corner, but this summer I am planning to buy some storage containers from the Container Store (divided between these or these) to help me with my off-season storage options. But the good news is that my entire winter collection, sans shoes, fits into a single black medium sized trash bag. Score! Now to make the other seasons match that amount!

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I realize that Spring does not officially begin until this upcoming Monday, but I just couldn’t wait to dive into my spring collection. I am still keeping out all my black for work, but I will only be wearing white, light grey, camel, and pastels in the months to come.

Feirstein in the NY Times

I am excited to say that my film school was featured in the NY times. I am proud to be one of the first 200 hundred students to be admitted the school, and one of twelve producers to be in the second class ever. Our first M.A. students will be graduating the spring, while ur first M.F.A. class will be graduating in Spring 2018. I cannot wait to see what we are able to accomplish, influence, and change.

You can learn more about the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema here.

You can read the full article in the New York Times below:

Blog Organization: Planning Posts

No two bloggers keep their blog posts organized in the same way. Some write blurbs hours before they are published with little preplanning, others plan months in advance what they post, and then there are people like me who attempt to pre-plan but often fall behind (sorry everyone!). Though blogging is not a business for me, I do like to keep it organized as if it were one. Here is the system I use to organize, plan, and  create posts for my blog. You can learn more about my Erin Condren Life Planner here.

Setting and Keeping Goals-

Though this blog is for my personal benefit, I do like to keep goals for myself so I can determine whether or not what I am posting is relevant and engaging. I set goals for collaboration, followers, daily visitors, post views per visitor, Instagram followers, and types of posts.


Keeping track of future and past posts-

  1. I write down the idea I have for a post.idea
  2. After research, I write the content and then highlight the title. post
  3. I take the photos, insert them in the post and then schedule the post on the site. photos


2016 was a year of finding myself and my path. This time last year I was unemployed, mentally defeated, and emotionally unstable. Now I am working part-time while attending graduate school full-time, I know where I am heading for my future career and life, and I use all my past experiences to always look forward. I plan to continue my writing resolution for the upcoming year and am looking into more interactive ways to engage my readers (keep your eyes open for give-aways, discounts, and more).

Here are some of my favorite photos from the past year.

img_4455-2img_0191c2086-dsc01045IMG_0358nathans hotdogs


Her Long Black Hair Audio Walk in Central Park

photo_cardiff_04_view1_321x244w{Courtesy of the Public Art Fund}

In September 2016, I was required to attend an audio walk for my Integrated Media class. It was called Her Long Black Hair and was first introduced to New York in 2004.  Philip and I headed to Central Park on a lazy Saturday, synced our mp3 tracks, and headed down the paved paths. We were not quite sure if it would be fun, but it forced us to trek around the gorgeous park for the first time in the summer (a crime!) and discover its hidden beauty. The entire tour took us about one hour to complete, which included breaks, switching between tracks, and heading 10 minutes in the wrong direction and then backtracking. Overall both P and I had a great time and even though it wasn’t planned, we definitely considered it a date.


Spoilers: The tour itself was hosted by a woman narrator seeking exact park locations where an anonymous woman’s pictures were taken. She narrates and guides you around the park. On the way to each location, she asks you to notice the small things you might have missed if you had just walked by. At times she has you do “experiments” which are meant to heighten some senses while sacrificing others. Meanwhile , you are asked to view the pictures for the tour. You are in the exact spot of the photographer of when the pictures of the anonymous woman were taken. Throughout our narrator speculates about this unknown woman and her long black hair. This psychological and physical experience is something that is worthwhile.

If you live in the NYC area and would like to take a gander at it, I would highly recommend. Tracks and pictures here in the digital archive.