Find of the Week: Computer Cover

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The last time I had bought a laptop cover was in 2011 when Apple was still making laptop covers for their laptops. When I bought my new macbook this past fall I also bought a gorgeous cover from Amazon to keep it safe. It was a white, grey, and gold marble design and it was beyond perfect. I also learned the lesson that I get what I paid for; the corners were chipped away by this spring and there was a huge crack down the back. It was only twelve dollars so I was not horribly broken hearted. I saw this cover on Amazon for about $25 and decided to splurge on it hoping that it would last a lot longer while continuing to protect my laptop in style. I was initially drawn to the beautiful the watercolor floral and opaque design. I feel like this cover can easily transition between the seasons while showing off my personality.

Find of the Week: Calligraphy Pens

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I remember my mother having these same pens in the 90s as part of her pleasant memories scrapbooking kit, and I could not pass them up when I stumbled upon them at Paper Source recently. It was definitely a spur of the moment buy even if they were really reasonably price. Once I got home I remembered that when I was young I had no idea how to use the pens and would often fail at my ‘calligraphy’ attempts. Twenty Four year old me also continues to fail at these attempts.

Over the next couple weeks you will probably see me practicing my handwriting and typography on Instagram, but these pens also inspired me to take one step further and sign up for Paper Source’s Five Part Creative Hand Lettering Workshop Series. I cannot wait to share my new skills with my readers, and hopefully I will be able to make some gorgeous letters and cards in the near future.