Small Things

This previous week was so relaxed compared to the week prior, and it is honestly because I consistently kept with my schedule. I made sure that I had study time throughout the week and squished it in among my retail job. I made sure that I equally spaced my free time and my home work time allowing me to not become overstressed and wait till the last minute to complete tasks. This week I also started buying Blue Apron again. It was $60 for six plus delicious dinners over the week which made it easier for me to complete my shopping. I used the second portions for dinners on busy nights, and extras for snacks and lunch.

FullSizeRender 13

{A glimpse of my planner}

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{I have found countless bookmarks thanks to my book detox. Who knew I had such a collection?}

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{This sweetheart kept sitting in the weirdest positions this past week. He was like this for 45 minutes. Don’t believe me? I have a video on my youtube channel.}

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 8.24.46 PM.png

{I am pumped to attend this Dance Party and Cocktail event at the end of this month. }

Small Things

The week was full to the brim for meetings, work, and other activities. I rarely had a day to rest.  I felt that I did not have a moment to myself and was running very close to empty. When I am most stressed and feel overwhelmed, I find solace in taking ten minutes to sit in a quiet spot painting my nails. Even if everything is a whirlwind around me those ten minutes bring me back to finding balance.

{Jane Austen adult coloring book my mother picked up for me at the Met}

img_0122 6dc062b2c62558ffe35bd85197cf8e3a.jpg

{This cat was probably an otter in a past life}


{My favorite makeup look from the week}

Cat Tent

In spring 2016 I made an awesome cat tent for FDR using these instructions that I found on Pinterest. Though the tent itself did not make it to NYC because of its lack of washability, for almost a year it did hold up very well. For those of you on a budget this is a great tutorial how to make an enjoyable tent for your sweet kitties to lounge in (mine cost a total of $3.00 since most supplies I had on hand), but for those of you who have a little more to spend check out this trendy tent or this cute pineapple-shaped igloo.


Work for in Kit-ay!

Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 3.10.29 PM.png

I have been trying to find ways to make the adjustment of moving to an apartment in NYC not only easier for Philip and I, but also for our cats. I know that being in the same space everyday must be boring and inhibiting for them, so I have been researching different ways to keep them occupied and alert.

This article talks about keeping cats mentally alert by having them work and problem solve for this food. I was not ready to take this step for each of our cats meals, but I was willing to try it for treats.

I used these tutorials, to help me create the above toy.

Currently, Mr. Bunny is the only one remotely interested in getting the treats out. In fact, he caught on to me mixing the treats in with regular food. He will empty out the container picking out the treats and leaving the food nibbles on the floor. Luckily, FDR will slide by and collect all the leftovers from the floor behind him.

**I used non-toxic paints to ensure the cats wouldn’t get hurt even if they accidentally took off some of the paint. I wanted to be cute and paint cats that were food on the side of the bottle.


Indoor Kitty Garden DIY



Transitioning my cats from indoor-outdoor cats to solely indoor city cats has been a hard on everyone. When P brought flowers home when I was sick, all the cats stuck their faces in them and chomped away. I realized that I needed to take action to give them their own natural space.

I was inspired by this article and this one to make my own Kitty Snack Spot.

I really did not want to commit to permanent fixture on the wall, so I opted for this set so I could individually pull plants that needed to be regrown without disturbing the whole garden and  I could place it on the floor near their food.

The three seeds I chose to grow were Catnip, Wheatgrass, and a mixture of wheat, oats, rye, barley and flax.

What you’ll need:

1. Soil

2. Pots/Containers. I used a Metal Picnic Caddy and Planter Set.

3. Choice of Seeds

4. Plant Food 

5. A Halved Q-Tip


1. My containers had holes in the bottom, so to ensure there was no leakage into the bottom caddy, I boiled a wine bottle cork for 15 minutes, cut a portion off and glued it over the hole.


2. Line 1/2 of the container with wet soil. Sprinkle the plant food across the top layer of the spoil.


3. Pour dry soil in the remaining 2/3 of the pot. Keep 1/2-1 in rim from the top. Pat the soil down lightly with the back of your hand.

4. Take the halved Q-Tip and start creating holes in the top of the pressed soil. Depending on the size of the seed, either place one in each hole or multiple. Poke the seeds deep into the hole with the halved Q-Tip.


5. Carefully water the soil with 1/4-1/2 cup of water. If you let all the water pour into one spot it will create a divot and dislocate the seeds. (I made two trays of each seed so I can rotate them out as the cats eat them allowing for regrowth.)


6. Cover each pot with sedan wrap for 1-2 days to allow it to germinate. Once the wheat grass is 4-5 inches tall, feel free to start letting the cats feed.

7. Don’t forget to label which seed is in which pot! I wrote it on paper underneath, so I can always reuse the metal set later if I am not successful growing the garden.

Small Things

I am excited to announce the start to a new series titled Small Things.

Each week I will post some small things that I love or found inspiring in my day-to-day life. I decided to do this because I noticed, and so did P, that sometimes I would “net the negative.” I easily become overwhelmed by what is going wrong, instead of appreciating what is going right and what makes my life special.

I want it to be a personal challenge and continuous reminder that I have so much to be thankful for in my life.


{This amazing street art on concrete barriers went on for a couple blocks. It was really inspiring to see where a little piece of paper’s journey went}


{My shirt from GTC finally came in (my Aunt found it under the seat of her car ready to send). Zia wouldn’t leave it alone once it was taken out of the envelope}


{Almost all of my classes are in the morning or late afternoon, so staying late one night allowed me to catch this amazing view looking at Manhattan from the school}

Kitty Keep-Up

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 11.22.14 AM

P and I have been buying Purina Cat Chow for our kitties for  years. On an extra slow day recently I found myself reading the back of the cat food bag as intently, as one would reading the morning cereal box. I quickly and embarrassingly just discovered that they have a recurring customer rewards program. Just imagine how much I could have been saving!

At my you can build a profile about you and your cats. You track your purchases by inputting the proof of purchase numbers. For each Purina purchase you make, you are rewarded with a pre-determined number of points. Reach a certain amount of points and you earn rewards such as coupons on future purchases, or cute cat themed household products like a Polaroid Cube, Cat Socks, or cat silhouette bookends.Purina also has a similar rewards program for all their dog owners.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 11.21.17 AM.png

I currently have my eye on a kitty tail paper towel holder that could easily be repurposed to hold toilet paper rolls in the guest bathroom. Click here to start tracking your own purchases, and the potential to earn amazing rewards.


Cat Treats DIY

P works part-time as a delivery driver for Insomnia Cookies. The whole business plan is that they are open till 3am and will deliver cookies and milk to your door. Sounds great for college students wanting a late night snack. The flavors they have are really yummy, they have great specials and holiday flavors, and they recently put a gluten-free cookie on the menu, which is great for me because up till then I was just dealing with stomach aches.

I wanted to treat my kitties to some sweet treats so here are three recipes I tried from The Cookie Rookie for Cat Treats. Most of her newer recipes have a print button that conveniently places the recipe in a recipe card printable format.

3 ingredient Salmon Treats

Tuna and Catnip Croutons

Chicken and Cranberry Treats