Spring Capsule Recap

My Original Color Palette:


Metallic Accent: Rose Gold

My Updated Color Palette:



My spring capsule wardrobe:

Total Items at beginning of Season- 50 (excluding accessories and shoes)

Detox Goal: 35-40 items [Strikethrough indicates purged item, parentheses explain where it went if not sold/donated]

1 medium wash Jean jacket (moved to fall)

1 faux beige suede jacket

1 heather grey Sweatshirt

1 Blazers (beige/lavender)

2 sweaters (beige cardigan/white kimono /light grey flutter sleeve)

2 pullover sweaters (grey knit/grey cashmere/light pink/white /white and grey striped 3/4 sleeve)

2 Blouses (white 3/4 sleeve/white oxford/ black and white checked oxford 3/4 sleeve (moved to winter)/beige 3/4 sleeve/ white short sleeve)

1 collared tanks (white/beige )

0 knit tops (grey long sleeve/ grey long sleeve/ white short sleeve/ grey short sleeve/ grey short sleeve/ light coral and grey short sleeve)

1 tanks (pale pink/grey)

2 denim pants (light grey/white)

1 denim capri (light wash (moved to fall)/light yellow)

4 shorts (tan/white/light blue/cream and grey)

3 skirts (white/beige/pastel floral/ light blue/camel)

4 sleeveless dresses (beige with grey embroidery/cream with embroidery/light pink/light blue shell print/grey& mint)

1 short sleeve casual dress (light blue)

1 maxi dress (light blue)

1 business dress (beige)

1 3/4 sleeve dress (denim) (moved to fall )



1 Cream Embroidered Crop Top Blouse (moved from summer)

1 business dress cream/pink (moved from summer)





Accessories: Originally 23, Now 19  (including new additions)

0 belts (cream waist (paired with specific dress)/white waist (paired with specific dress/grey waist (paired with specific dress)/brown hip (moved to fall))

3 scarves (white/beige/white infinity with pastel/grey with pastels) + grey and white (moved from Winter)

5 bags (cream tote (moved to summer)/ light brown tote/straw tote(moved to summer)/ light blue handbag (sent to my mom in Florida)/light brown cross body) + mini cream/brown corssbody, brown/grey satchel,  brown bucket, cream/brown handbag (moved from Summer/Winter)

Boots (tan) 

White Converse (Moved to summer)

Grey penny loafers

Camel/black short block heels (spring/summer)

Arizona Birkenstocks (Moved to summer)

1 pairs of Sandals (pink/white block heel/light brown (moved to summer)/white (moved to summer))

Nude Pumps

Light Brown Strappy Heels (Spring/Summer)


New Additions:

Canvas and Jute Tote Bag (For both Spring and Summer)

Light Blue Rain Boots

Mint Sneakers

Light Pink Sneakers

Light Pink Ballet Flats

Light Brown Lace-up Bootie Block Heels

Light Blue Bell Sleeve Blouse

Grey Short Sleeve Knit

Grey 3/4 Sleeve Knit

White Longsleeve Knit Pullover Sweater

Light Wash Chambray Long Sleeve

Pink Cold Shoulder Top

Rose Pink Tank

White Jean Jacket

Light Wash Chambray Sleeveless Dress

High-waisted Light Wash Straight  Jeans

Light Grey Ball Cap

Light Pink Skinny Belt

Light Brown Skinny Belt






Find of the Week: Computer Cover

FullSizeRender 24

The last time I had bought a laptop cover was in 2011 when Apple was still making laptop covers for their laptops. When I bought my new macbook this past fall I also bought a gorgeous cover from Amazon to keep it safe. It was a white, grey, and gold marble design and it was beyond perfect. I also learned the lesson that I get what I paid for; the corners were chipped away by this spring and there was a huge crack down the back. It was only twelve dollars so I was not horribly broken hearted. I saw this cover on Amazon for about $25 and decided to splurge on it hoping that it would last a lot longer while continuing to protect my laptop in style. I was initially drawn to the beautiful the watercolor floral and opaque design. I feel like this cover can easily transition between the seasons while showing off my personality.

Bullet Journal Reveal

FullSizeRender 75

{I only have one bullet journal, but I have many notebooks that help me keep organized.}

As I mentioned at the beginning of the month, I ditched my traditional planner (sorry Erin Condren!) and am using a bullet journal this season. Based on how well this works for myself and my lifestyle will determine whether or not I will continue the system in 2018. In order to be fair I will not decide until after December 2017 allowing myself a full two seasons to judge about whether or not this is right for me.

Things that I have already found to be highly cathartic about the process include: having thoughtful writings and doodles in one location, increased accountability (something I have been failing at since Spring 2015), and the ability to measure accomplishments no matter how big or small. I am excited to share a video of my summer bullet journal after it is completed, as well as changes the new journal for Fall 2017 will have. The bullet journal I am revealing below will be for Summer 2017 and will include June, July and August.

My biggest inspiration for the design of this bullet journal was due to @xkay_o. Most other trackers and pages are directly inspired/mimicked from other amazing Bujo authors from Instagram and Pinterest.

FullSizeRender 58

{Month Overview: I can fill in with big ticket reminders.}

FullSizeRender 63

{Weekly Overview: The left gives an overview of the week and the right if for ongoing goals and tasks. I included the days leading up to the beginning of the month and any remainder days toward the end.}

FullSizeRender 59

{A-Page-A-Day: I can keep track of daily tasks here as well as detailed plans for the day. The top circle is similar to a chronodex. A chronodex is a time management tool that helps me track what I do at certain hours of the day from 9am till 9pm.}

FullSizeRender 61

{Reflections: At the end of the month I can look back at what I did or did not accomplish and reflect on why. This gives me to opportunity to contemplate myself and make changes for the better.}

Additional Pages I want to add:

Index/Legend/ Title Page/ Three Month Overview/ Trackers/Summer Goals (Personal, Blog, Film)/ Gratitude Entries/Future Log


Trackers that I am considering adding to the back pages:

Financial Tracker

Habit Tracker

Mood Tracker

Media Tracker (TV, film, music, quotes, etc.)


Question for my readers: What are times that you knew you needed a change and decided to dive in?






Find of the Week: Calligraphy Pens

FullSizeRender 86

I remember my mother having these same pens in the 90s as part of her pleasant memories scrapbooking kit, and I could not pass them up when I stumbled upon them at Paper Source recently. It was definitely a spur of the moment buy even if they were really reasonably price. Once I got home I remembered that when I was young I had no idea how to use the pens and would often fail at my ‘calligraphy’ attempts. Twenty Four year old me also continues to fail at these attempts.

Over the next couple weeks you will probably see me practicing my handwriting and typography on Instagram, but these pens also inspired me to take one step further and sign up for Paper Source’s Five Part Creative Hand Lettering Workshop Series. I cannot wait to share my new skills with my readers, and hopefully I will be able to make some gorgeous letters and cards in the near future.


FullSizeRender 34

{Two women trekking furniture across Brooklyn with a little Blue Wagon}

Part of the reason for my unscheduled and abrupt hiatus, though I did not reveal this at the time, was because in mid-April I moved to a new apartment. This added stress on top of my full-time graduate program and part-time job was way too much to handle. I felt like this first week of June has been the first time I have had a moment to myself to reflect and to relax at all. I was very lucky that my teachers were very understanding but I honestly tried to not let my personal situation affect what was going on in my academic life. This was extra hard among my school peers since due to the small community rumors tend to fly like crazy and I would still be attending class with my former boyfriend. I am very thankful that my co-workers were very supportive and helped me emotionally along, and that my mother and close friend were willing to help when I could not reach out to most of my classmates. I am pleased to now continue to share my new room, my new living situation, and update everyone on my cats and life in NYC.

Summer Documentary Series

The best part of being part of the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema is that during the off season the students are able to use the multi-million dollar facility and film equipment for personal projects. This summer myself and several classmate, will be creating mini documentaries (around 2-5 minutes in length) about ordinary people, events, and ideas that are actually quite extraordinary. I cannot wait to share these documentaries here as they become completed. Meanwhile, I will also be posting some projects I produced this past spring.

FullSizeRender 51

{Set for one of the last films of the semester.}

If you know of anyone or anything special that should could be featured feel free to reach out that is in the NYC area (or available via transit) feel free to reach out.

Office Moving

When moving, it seems like the first thing people are willing to part with is their desk. And why not? Unless you work at home full-time it seems like it is easily replaceable or unnecessary. That being said the first place you notice all of the mess is the moment your desk is out of sorts. If you plan to let go and then replenish your office space, here are some reminders for when you redesign.

  1. Get a desk that works for you and is cheap. This probably means Ikea. Get drawers if you need the space or use desktop organizers. Do not spend more on something that is pretty unless you know it will be the only desk you will have for the next five to ten years.

    {I have the desk on the left which is a tad small, so I am upgrading to the one on the right. }

  2. Do not forget about your filing needs. Everyone has something that needs to be filed whether it be taxes, important documents, or photographs from yesteryear. Invest in a filing cabinet or filing box.

    {Left: Galant Drawer unit with wheels, Right: Tote Box}

  3. Buy only what will enhance your workflow and not inhibit it. In undergrad I always bought the cutest accessories for my desk whether or not they we ever used. By the time I graduated I had an empty cork board, a dachshund letter organizer and a gorgeous lamp that took up most of my desk space but all were utterly useless. A workspace is about what you can accomplish there, not about how cute the desk looks while you do it. That being said don’t make it so barren that you are not comfortable in your space.

    {Left: My useless Dachshund letter organizer, Right: A lamp I would use daily}

  4. Buy a comfortable chair. Define comfort as sit in it ‘all day’ and not ’10 minutes’. Be aware that if this chair is in your bedroom make sure it doesn’t take up too much space and that it matches your decor. You might want to invest in wheels vs. a stand alone chair. It is worth spending more on your chair that your desk. Your back will thank you. Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 11.57.06 AM { I love the sleek look of ribbed office chairs.}

Denim Day 2017


I will be wearing denim on April 26th (this next Wednesday) in honor of sexual violence awareness month. Eighteen years ago an Italian judge overruled a rape conviction due to the tightness of the victim’s pants. The judge believed the jeans were so tight that the victim must have helped take them off, thus implying consent. It should not matter what the victim is wearing in regards to consent and rape is a societal issue, not a women’s issue.

I will be attending class all day so it will not be too out of place wearing denim, but men and women across the United States will be wearing denim to work in lieu of casual and formal business outfits.  Feel free to join me and others by wearing denim not only during our day-to-day activities but also on social media. Please use the hashtag #denimday. Feel free to tag your work, college, fraternity, sorority, and other social organizations. Remember this is about awareness.

To learn more about Denim Day you can visit the official site.

Design & Moving Prep

At the end of Summer 2017, P and I know we will be downsizing to a smaller apartment. Though our current location is great, due to unreliable roommates the size and cost of this apartment is too much for us alone. We are also willing to pay a lot less especially if our landlord is going to be as attentive as our current ones. Despite no longer being a couple, P and I are still business partners and still plan to keep the cats together at the new place. We will be moving into a four bedroom apartment with two classmates from school. This will be the first time in three years I will have my own room, so I am excited to design it to fit my own needs. Though I do not have the exact dimensions of my room yet I do know it is around the size of my current bedroom and a perfect square.

Here are some of my design ideas.


Concerning the common space, I am waiting to talk to all four before rearranging anything all four of us will share.

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 10.28.13 AM

{My registry with The Container Store focuses on storage}

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 10.27.48 AM

{My registry for Ikea is very furniture based}