Summer Capsule Wardrobe

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This season I changed my game a bit. Spring is all about transition pieces: you might start with heavy sweaters but eventually you need to dwindle down to some spring sandals. Summer is all about the heat the entire time, so not only couple I be extra picky with my clothes based on style and fit alone but I could also 1) go through at the very beginning of the season what I knew I wouldn’t wear to get sweaty 2) buy some pieces straight away for gaping holes in my closet, and 3) really purge on the amount overall that I had. I still plan to go leaner, but that will be based on use, fit, and durability over time.

As an added bonus, since I was there I went through my formal dresses as well that are usually always stored away. I purged 10 dresses! Shamefully I admit that I still probably have 10 more, but they the remainder fit inside my hanging cloth duster along with my fall/winter jackets and coats.

My Color Palette:

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 12.12.30 AM

Metallic Accent: none

Neutral Accents: White/ Navy Blue/ Tan/ Denim

My summer capsule wardrobe:

(65) Total Items at beginning of Season-  (including Shoes, Accessories, Beach Cover-Ups, and Sport Specific Water Wear)

(36) Main Closet: 

1 Sweatshirt (Mom’s vintage Red Paris Sorbonne University)

1 Pullover Sweater (pink, loose, Central Park West)

1 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan (Red Gap)

4 3/4 sleeve collared Blouse (J.Crew Pink + Blue Hawaii Sunset/ Michael Kors White/ Old Navy Coral with tiny white Polka dots/ Red Chaps linen with gold buttons)

1 Short Sleeve Collared Blouse (vintage petite Liz Claiborne with travel/luggage print)

4 3/4 Sleeve Non-Collared Blouses (White and blue striped/ Lilly Pulitzer Blue with yellow emboirdery/ Banana Republic White and Blue Floral/ Trina Turk Yellow + Green Floral and Seashell Print)

2 Short Sleeve Blouses (K by Kinnucans pink and blue floral print with flutter sleeves and open back/ Mollusk faded blue and cream linen boat neck)

5 Sleeveless Blouses (The Limited Yellow Green with with Turquoise embellishments/ Banana Republic Turquoise with clear beaded geometric pattern/  Loft coral pink with teal bird pattern/ Cloth & Stone night wash denim/ Red Liz Claiborne button front silk)

1 Spaghetti Strap Tank (Banana Republic white with leaf print)

1 Short Sleeve Knit (Fresh Bleu White Tee)

1 Sleeveless Knit Tank (American Eagle Watermelon)

2 Cotton Chino Capris (Banana Republic Coral/ Old Navy Yellow and White Floral Print)

1 Jean Capri (Abercrombie and Fitch DIYed)

1 Tea-Length Cotton Skirt (Vintage Reed Hunter White high-waisted button up A-Line)

1 Mini Denim Skirt (Vintage Sam & Max, two-toned high-waisted denim mini)

2 Denim Shorts (Just Black White Cuffed, Just Black Light Wash Cuffed)

5 Summer Dresses (Zara Basic Denim Halter Dress/ Old Navy Green + Pink Floral Spaghetti Strap/ Gap Linen Black and Tan Floral Cap Sleeve/Loft Navy and White Striped/ Therea/ Navy and Green floral Bell Sleeve

1 Business Casual Dress (Calvin Klein Bright Yellow Sleevless)

1 Fun Cocktail Dress (Jessica Simpson Coral One-Shoulder piped dress with camel-waist belt)

(29) Accessories: 

1 Pair of Beach Flip Flops (Brown Classic Rainbows)

1 Raincoat (orange and grey Adidas)

1 Oversized Beach Bag (Floral bright pink Very Bradley)

2 Beach Cover-Ups (White tunic with navy floral embroidery/ oversized men’s linen peach oxford)

2 Hats  (bright yellow ball cap with KAO embroidery/ paper straw hat with brim)

2 Columbia Shirts (Purple Short Sleeve/ Medium Blue Long Sleeve)

2 scarves (red, white, light blue and navy Kate Spade/ fuchsia White House Black Market Stole/Kappa Alpha Theta Lilly Pulitzer Fashion scarf)

2 handkerchiefs (red and blue vintage with Polish florals/Blue and pin with Polish florals)

5 bags (red, white and blue oversized Michael Kors tote/ vintage Talbots straw weave bag with colorful tassels/ light brown Besso handbag/ medium brown vintage Coach/yellowy-brown vintage Dooney and Bourke)

5 Sunglasses (Brown Oversized Kate Spades with gold Polka Dots/ Black Round Ray-Bans/ Brown Tortoise Ray-Bans/ 1 vintage Ray-Ban with prescription sunglass lenses/ 1 cheap pair to wear on a boat)

6 Shoes (white Converse/ tan Ann Taylor sandals/ Arizona Birkenstocks/ OTBT Wedges/ taupe Tahari kitten heels/ Moda yellowy-brown scrappy pumps)

Items not in the count: 


Work-Out Wear


Swimsuits (I have had the same 4 for over 6 years)


Psst! I generate my color palettes at Adobe Color, but the best place to create a palette from a picture is Canva.





Capsule Closet Experiment

Downsize 2016 (aka preparing to move to NYC) included losing storage, furniture, home items, and clothing. Even after doing this initial sweep, I realized that my wardrobe was still overstocked with pieces that I didn’t love, didn’t wear, and didn’t want.

I didn’t realize how much I was willing to purge my closet once I start. I followed  advice from Marie Kondo where I touched each piece of clothing and asked myself “Does this bring me joy and confidence?” I then went through my pieces and checked for fit, wear, and function. What was left over is what I brought with me to New York. Most of the clothes that I “purged” I either sold outright, via consignment, or donated to local shelters. After getting rid of so much, I realized how little I had that I loved and would wear often.

Despite lustfully looking over Instagrams featuring countless amounts of clothes, my plan for 2017 is to create a functional capsule wardrobe that I can wear year after year, and replace the items in the capsule once the old ones are no longer functional pieces.I did some research on capsule wardrobes and read a couple blogs to prepare.

Here are my favorites:

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How I Made My Capsule Wardrobe Work

I went through all the clothes I had in my possession (per season) and made a wish-list of items I felt I needed as staple pieces. Instead of just jumping in and picking-and-choosing items based on pre-determined numbers I decided I would instead attempt to wear each item in my closet and at the end of the season, or sooner, remove items that were unused or I did not absolutely love. Prior to each season capsule I will store away all out of season clothes including shoes and accessories based off of my predetermined color palettes. I can’t wait to share with you my 2017 winter capsule that I have been wearing since January 1st 2017.

Closet Purge

Before moving to NYC I knew I had to downsize and my personal notorious area was my wardrobe. In middle school my mother introduced me to an allowance and taking me to a local goodwill once a week. I would buy random items that I thought were cool at the time. When I finally had my own car my junior year of high school, I tended to find my way to other department stores weekly. Though I thought I was acquiring a huge wardrobe for very little I really was not.

Most items were trendy, stained, poor quality or did not fit me well. The amount of items I had was also atrocious. I used to feel guilty about getting “rid” of perfectly good clothes, but my new approach of simplification actually makes life easier. I took some hints from 7 Tips for Cleaning Out Your WardrobeThe Wardrobe Clear Out and Wardrobe Investment Pieces and once again cleaned out my closet in preparation for my future plan of seasonal capsule wardrobes.

  1. Pull everything out- This allows you to clean your physical closet, but also allows you to see the total amount of clothes you have. This includes all accessories and shoes.
  2. Try on every piece- If there are holes, stains, or it is ill fitting you do not want it no matter how sentimental it is (exceptions only for wedding gowns).
  3. Organize your clothes by season- I utilized color palettes and textures to organize my seasonal wardrobe, but do what works best for you.
  4. Store your out of season clothes- Figure out the best method that works for you in your home. Some people use plastic bins, others might wants to get under-the-bed clothes storage containers. I store all my out of season clothes rolled in our luggage.
  5. Store your specialty clothes (gowns, formal attire, etc) – Do not store your specialty items long term in plastic containers, instead utilize Preservation boxes and Acid Free Tissue Paper or Breathable Garment bags. Make sure they are not stored in an attic or basement. The best things to do is store them in their hanging state in a lesser used closet.
  6. Donate, Sell, or Throw Away Items that don’t work- I knew I wanted everything (that is why I had it in the first place) but I had to be aware of what was realistic. I planned to eBay my higher end brands, sell outright to Buffalo Exchange my trendy pieces, and then donate the remainder that was in good condition to a women’s shelter/local clothing drive/university theatre costume department.

Packages, Grovin’ and Pranks

[Originally Posted in September 2011]

So my mom sent me a huge “I miss my life without you” package. There were a bunch of goodies plus things I couldn’t fit into my car (9 pairs of shoes) when I originally moved up here. It came in on Friday thank goodness. The heels I wanted to wear on Saturday were in there. And speaking of Saturday. First football game of the seaon for the Ole’ Miss Rebels!! We ended up losing within the last minute, I have no comment for that unfortunate event, but “Groving” before, after and during the game was an experience. People started tailgating around 9 that morning, even thought the game was at 4! I did’t get down their with a friend until 12:30 and by then half of the tailgaters were drunk. Later that night, my friend, her guy friend and I went to her dorm to chill for a bit, and her guy friend fell asleep. Very bad idea. He woke up with painted fingernails and smelling like a ‘Fierce Tigress.’

{White house Black Market Dress, Besso Purse, Moda Spana Heels}


{Nine West watch, Forever 21 Earrings, Goodwill Sunglasses, Mom’s Bangle}


{Bracelets from the Frat Parties on Friday night}
{Poor Will}


{Ok… maybe we enjoyed ourselves a bit too much}