Spring Capsule Recap

My Original Color Palette:


Metallic Accent: Rose Gold

My Updated Color Palette:



My spring capsule wardrobe:

Total Items at beginning of Season- 50 (excluding accessories and shoes)

Detox Goal: 35-40 items [Strikethrough indicates purged item, parentheses explain where it went if not sold/donated]

1 medium wash Jean jacket (moved to fall)

1 faux beige suede jacket

1 heather grey Sweatshirt

1 Blazers (beige/lavender)

2 sweaters (beige cardigan/white kimono /light grey flutter sleeve)

2 pullover sweaters (grey knit/grey cashmere/light pink/white /white and grey striped 3/4 sleeve)

2 Blouses (white 3/4 sleeve/white oxford/ black and white checked oxford 3/4 sleeve (moved to winter)/beige 3/4 sleeve/ white short sleeve)

1 collared tanks (white/beige )

0 knit tops (grey long sleeve/ grey long sleeve/ white short sleeve/ grey short sleeve/ grey short sleeve/ light coral and grey short sleeve)

1 tanks (pale pink/grey)

2 denim pants (light grey/white)

1 denim capri (light wash (moved to fall)/light yellow)

4 shorts (tan/white/light blue/cream and grey)

3 skirts (white/beige/pastel floral/ light blue/camel)

4 sleeveless dresses (beige with grey embroidery/cream with embroidery/light pink/light blue shell print/grey& mint)

1 short sleeve casual dress (light blue)

1 maxi dress (light blue)

1 business dress (beige)

1 3/4 sleeve dress (denim) (moved to fall )



1 Cream Embroidered Crop Top Blouse (moved from summer)

1 business dress cream/pink (moved from summer)





Accessories: Originally 23, Now 19  (including new additions)

0 belts (cream waist (paired with specific dress)/white waist (paired with specific dress/grey waist (paired with specific dress)/brown hip (moved to fall))

3 scarves (white/beige/white infinity with pastel/grey with pastels) + grey and white (moved from Winter)

5 bags (cream tote (moved to summer)/ light brown tote/straw tote(moved to summer)/ light blue handbag (sent to my mom in Florida)/light brown cross body) + mini cream/brown corssbody, brown/grey satchel,  brown bucket, cream/brown handbag (moved from Summer/Winter)

Boots (tan) 

White Converse (Moved to summer)

Grey penny loafers

Camel/black short block heels (spring/summer)

Arizona Birkenstocks (Moved to summer)

1 pairs of Sandals (pink/white block heel/light brown (moved to summer)/white (moved to summer))

Nude Pumps

Light Brown Strappy Heels (Spring/Summer)


New Additions:

Canvas and Jute Tote Bag (For both Spring and Summer)

Light Blue Rain Boots

Mint Sneakers

Light Pink Sneakers

Light Pink Ballet Flats

Light Brown Lace-up Bootie Block Heels

Light Blue Bell Sleeve Blouse

Grey Short Sleeve Knit

Grey 3/4 Sleeve Knit

White Longsleeve Knit Pullover Sweater

Light Wash Chambray Long Sleeve

Pink Cold Shoulder Top

Rose Pink Tank

White Jean Jacket

Light Wash Chambray Sleeveless Dress

High-waisted Light Wash Straight  Jeans

Light Grey Ball Cap

Light Pink Skinny Belt

Light Brown Skinny Belt






Spring 2017 Capsule

My Color Palette:


Metallic Accent: Rose Gold

What I included in my spring capsule wardrobe:

Total Items – 50 (excluding accessories and shoes)

Detox Goal: 35-40 items

1 Jean jacket

1 suede jacket (beige)

1 Sweatshirt (heather grey)

2 Blazers (beige/lavender)

3 sweaters (beige cardigan/white kimono/light grey flutter sleeve)

5 sweaters (grey knit/grey cashmere/light pink/white/white and grey striped 3/4 sleeve)

5 Blouses ( white 3/4 sleeve/white oxford/ black and white checked oxford 3/4 sleeve/beige 3/4 sleeve/ white short sleeve)

2 collared tanks (white/beige)

6 knit tops (grey long sleeve/ grey long sleeve/ white short sleeve/ grey short sleeve/ grey short sleeve/ light coral and grey short sleeve)

2 tanks (light pink/grey)

2 denim pants (light grey/white)

2 denim capri (light wash/light yellow)

4 shorts (beige/white/light blue/cream and grey)

5 skirts (white/beige/pastel floral/ light blue/camel)

5 sleeveless dresses (beige/cream/light pink/light blue/grey)

1 short sleeve dress (light blue)

1 maxi dress (light blue)

1 business dress (beige)

1 3/4 sleeve dress (denim)



4 belts (cream waist/white waist/grey waist/brown hips)

4 scarves (white/beige/white infinity with pastel/grey with pastels)

5 bags (cream tote/ light brown tote/straw tote/ light blue handbag/light brown cross body)


Boots (tan)

White Converse

Cream lace-up block heels

Grey penny loafers

Cream/black flats

Arizona Birkenstocks

3 pairs of Sandals (cream/light brown/white)

Nude Pumps

Light Brown Strappy Heels


Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 1.43.26 PM.png

Merane (light pink) – $65

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 1.47.33 PM

Perine (bone) – $60

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 1.51.18 PM.png

Lolla (cognac)- $70


Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 1.55.35 PM.png

Evamarie Bell-Sleeve Top- $88

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 2.01.58 PM.png

Fluted Sleeve Polin Shirt (lady oxford)- $79.50

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 2.07.21 PM.png

Sandro Lace Mini Dress -$570


Capsule Closet Experiment

Downsize 2016 (aka preparing to move to NYC) included losing storage, furniture, home items, and clothing. Even after doing this initial sweep, I realized that my wardrobe was still overstocked with pieces that I didn’t love, didn’t wear, and didn’t want.

I didn’t realize how much I was willing to purge my closet once I start. I followed  advice from Marie Kondo where I touched each piece of clothing and asked myself “Does this bring me joy and confidence?” I then went through my pieces and checked for fit, wear, and function. What was left over is what I brought with me to New York. Most of the clothes that I “purged” I either sold outright, via consignment, or donated to local shelters. After getting rid of so much, I realized how little I had that I loved and would wear often.

Despite lustfully looking over Instagrams featuring countless amounts of clothes, my plan for 2017 is to create a functional capsule wardrobe that I can wear year after year, and replace the items in the capsule once the old ones are no longer functional pieces.I did some research on capsule wardrobes and read a couple blogs to prepare.

Here are my favorites:

How to Build A Capsule Wardrobe

The Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

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10 Reasons You Should Create a Capsule Wardrobe

How to Build a Minimalist Wardrobe

What to Include in Your Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule Wardrobe Mistakes

How I Made My Capsule Wardrobe Work

I went through all the clothes I had in my possession (per season) and made a wish-list of items I felt I needed as staple pieces. Instead of just jumping in and picking-and-choosing items based on pre-determined numbers I decided I would instead attempt to wear each item in my closet and at the end of the season, or sooner, remove items that were unused or I did not absolutely love. Prior to each season capsule I will store away all out of season clothes including shoes and accessories based off of my predetermined color palettes. I can’t wait to share with you my 2017 winter capsule that I have been wearing since January 1st 2017.

Closet Purge

Before moving to NYC I knew I had to downsize and my personal notorious area was my wardrobe. In middle school my mother introduced me to an allowance and taking me to a local goodwill once a week. I would buy random items that I thought were cool at the time. When I finally had my own car my junior year of high school, I tended to find my way to other department stores weekly. Though I thought I was acquiring a huge wardrobe for very little I really was not.

Most items were trendy, stained, poor quality or did not fit me well. The amount of items I had was also atrocious. I used to feel guilty about getting “rid” of perfectly good clothes, but my new approach of simplification actually makes life easier. I took some hints from 7 Tips for Cleaning Out Your WardrobeThe Wardrobe Clear Out and Wardrobe Investment Pieces and once again cleaned out my closet in preparation for my future plan of seasonal capsule wardrobes.

  1. Pull everything out- This allows you to clean your physical closet, but also allows you to see the total amount of clothes you have. This includes all accessories and shoes.
  2. Try on every piece- If there are holes, stains, or it is ill fitting you do not want it no matter how sentimental it is (exceptions only for wedding gowns).
  3. Organize your clothes by season- I utilized color palettes and textures to organize my seasonal wardrobe, but do what works best for you.
  4. Store your out of season clothes- Figure out the best method that works for you in your home. Some people use plastic bins, others might wants to get under-the-bed clothes storage containers. I store all my out of season clothes rolled in our luggage.
  5. Store your specialty clothes (gowns, formal attire, etc) – Do not store your specialty items long term in plastic containers, instead utilize Preservation boxes and Acid Free Tissue Paper or Breathable Garment bags. Make sure they are not stored in an attic or basement. The best things to do is store them in their hanging state in a lesser used closet.
  6. Donate, Sell, or Throw Away Items that don’t work- I knew I wanted everything (that is why I had it in the first place) but I had to be aware of what was realistic. I planned to eBay my higher end brands, sell outright to Buffalo Exchange my trendy pieces, and then donate the remainder that was in good condition to a women’s shelter/local clothing drive/university theatre costume department.

Writing New Year’s Resolutions

fullsizerenderMy New Year’s Eve Outfit

{Tahari dress (vintage), Banana Republic Turtle Neck (discontinued), Ann Taylor Loft Tights (similar here), Tahari Flats (discontinued), Chico’s Necklace and Earrings (discontinued)}

This is the second year where Philip and I are not only writing resolutions as individuals but also as a couple. When I write resolutions I usually look at my mental well-being, my physical health, and the environments I make for myself (home, work, etc.). I ensure to take a look at what my resolutions were the year before: I can repeat items that need improvement or relish a job well done for accomplishments. The beginning of last year I had my resolutions in a frame on my desk so I could remember daily what I was striving to achieve. Later in the year when I no longer had a personal desk I instead posted them on the fridge. This year I plan to post a copy on the fridge for both Philip and I, as well as in our Home Base Binder.


I enjoy using Emily Ley’s New Year’s Family Meeting Printable to help me get my thoughts organized.

Fall Loungewear


Ekoaraer Pajama Set

Fall in NYC is so unpredictable. One day I am in wool sweaters and the next I am questioning whether or not I could be comfortable in shorts. Keeping the temperatures consistent in my apartment has also been challenging, especially in the evenings when I am looking for the right clothes to lounge in. In the past, I would just wear leggings and over-sized sorority t-shirts but I realized I needed something items that were more versatile. I wanted items that could keep me comfortable and transition from summer to fall and fall to winter.


one // cotton pants ($45)

two // lounge tee ($35)

three // satin set ($35)

four // jersey robe ($136)

five // satin pants ($44.95)

six // nightshirt ($58)

seven //  nightie ($44.95)

eight // henley set ($54.50)

nine // body suit ($58)

What I wore…

What I wore this week.


Tuesday: Screening of China Town. Target top (similar here), Vintage Ralph Lauren Men’s Pants, H &M Belt (similar here), Tory Burch Flats.

img_7681 img_2600

Wednesday: Presentation for Integrated Media. Boden Top, White House Black Market Pants (similar here), Maripe Pumps.


Thursday: 10 hours of class and Advisory Council Reception at Feirstein GSC. Ralph Lauren Top (similar here),  White House Black Market Pants (similar here), Vintage Ralph Lauren Belt,  Blanket Scarf, Rampage Boots (similar here).


What I Wore…

What I wore this week.


Monday: Meetings at Brooklyn College. Jessica Simpson Sweater (similar here), Ann Taylor Pants (similar here), Versona Flats (similar here). Buddha Necklace from Mom’s trip to China in 2008 (similar here).


Tuesday: Meetings in DUMBO. American Eagle Outfitters Top (similar here), NO Pants (similar here), JSlides.

Wednesday: 5 hours of classes, Conan at The Apollo, Walking Tour of Midtown,  Arbonne Team Training Call. Ann Taylor Top, Rampage Jacket, Ann Taylor  Loft Pants (similar here), Steve Madden Booties (similar here).


Thursday: 10 hours of class, Young Alumnae Board Conference Call. Arrow Silk Top (similar here), Old Navy Jacket, Ann Taylor  Loft Pants (similar here), Nine West Boots (similar here).


Friday: Blog content and homework. Free People Top,  NO Pants (similar here), Nike Shoes (similar here).



Fall Shopping Wish-List

1. Blanket Scarves from ilymix- Brings you extra warmth, and is super versatile. You can buy these here. They also have a tutorial on different ways you can style and tie their blanket scarves


2. Striped Jersey Top from H&M- I love stripes, but I always seem to go through the classics fast. This shirt is light enough that I can wear it on days that go warmer, but perfect for layering for much colder days. You can buy it here.


3. Black High-Waisted Jeans by BDG- High-waisted pants look better on me than any pair of hip-huggers. I am in deathly need of a pair of pure black jeans that I can wear casually. In my opinion, black is the great base color for most fall outfits. Get these here.

4. Leggings by Fabletics – My favorites are the Gaviota, Brogan and Clover (shown above). See the entire collection here.

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 2.24.28 PM.png

5. Superstar by Adidas– I am excited to transition out my light cloth converses for some heavy leather lace-ups.


6. Brown Leather Jacket by BLANKNYC- Nordstrom has some amazing fall jackets out right now. This one seems absolutely perfect! It has zippers, details, is actually faux, and you can choose to have it in either black or brown. This is easy to dress up or down.

7. Some basic tops- Fall usually has everyone pairing jeans because lets me honest, sometimes slacks and capris just aren’t warm enough. To combat this mundane repeat-cycle, always have a cute top if you can’t have some cute bottoms. {Left to Right: Lush Tee, J.Crew Ruffle Top, Free People Mesh Tee}