Prepping for Color

[Originally posted January 2015]

Recently on Pinterest I saw this amazing DIY article that turns a classic straw bag into a fun summer statement piece. The bag featured was meant as a grocery bag but our local farmers markets are close enough that I rarely need to take a  carry-all bag, and I bring my reusable vera bradley market totes to the store. However, on hand I did have one of my mother’s old Talbots bags from the 90s that I had cast off as a has been and used only for the beach. Thanks to this inspiration, the bag has new life and despite the wear in part of it, no one will even notice thanks to the DIY wow factor and fun appeal. Now what to do with all the left-over tassels…

Faux Oxford Shoes DIY

[Originally published in 2011 on blogspot]

Vans sold some divine shoes that are modeled after Oxfords. I would  love to buy them, but $45.00 is a little bit out of my price range for a single pair of shoes. So here is a tutorial on how to make a similar pair for  around $10.00.


Pair of Black or White lace-up Cloth Shoes
Small Tube of Acrylic Paint in base color {I used White}
Tube of Acrylic Paint in a complementary color {I used Black}
Acrylic Fabric Medium
Scotch Guard
Ginger’s Tacky Glue
 1. Unlace the shoes
2. Tape off parts of the shoes you don’t want painted. Do not worry about the small details right now.
3. Mix your paint with the fabric medium based on the instructions.
4. Paint them.
5. When dry, take off the tape. Go back and straighten the edges and add little special details. After the details are dry, you can use the tacky glue and glitter to add in more details if you desire.
6. When everything is dry, scotch guard the shoe based on the instructions.
5. When dry, re-lace them.
6. Hit the streets in your comfortable new Oxford lookalikes.
[My finished product]