Office Moving

When moving, it seems like the first thing people are willing to part with is their desk. And why not? Unless you work at home full-time it seems like it is easily replaceable or unnecessary. That being said the first place you notice all of the mess is the moment your desk is out of sorts. If you plan to let go and then replenish your office space, here are some reminders for when you redesign.

  1. Get a desk that works for you and is cheap. This probably means Ikea. Get drawers if you need the space or use desktop organizers. Do not spend more on something that is pretty unless you know it will be the only desk you will have for the next five to ten years.

    {I have the desk on the left which is a tad small, so I am upgrading to the one on the right. }

  2. Do not forget about your filing needs. Everyone has something that needs to be filed whether it be taxes, important documents, or photographs from yesteryear. Invest in a filing cabinet or filing box.

    {Left: Galant Drawer unit with wheels, Right: Tote Box}

  3. Buy only what will enhance your workflow and not inhibit it. In undergrad I always bought the cutest accessories for my desk whether or not they we ever used. By the time I graduated I had an empty cork board, a dachshund letter organizer and a gorgeous lamp that took up most of my desk space but all were utterly useless. A workspace is about what you can accomplish there, not about how cute the desk looks while you do it. That being said don’t make it so barren that you are not comfortable in your space.

    {Left: My useless Dachshund letter organizer, Right: A lamp I would use daily}

  4. Buy a comfortable chair. Define comfort as sit in it ‘all day’ and not ’10 minutes’. Be aware that if this chair is in your bedroom make sure it doesn’t take up too much space and that it matches your decor. You might want to invest in wheels vs. a stand alone chair. It is worth spending more on your chair that your desk. Your back will thank you. Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 11.57.06 AM { I love the sleek look of ribbed office chairs.}

Let It Go: Moving

If you do not own a home assume you will be renting and moving until you do, so do not spend a ton on furniture. You furniture will get banged up, break, or you won’t want to pay for the extra weight during the move.

  1. If it is easy to part with then do that. Let Go is a great app that allows you to sell unwanted items, and there is always craigslist. Here’s my Let Go InventoryScreen Shot 2017-03-26 at 11.06.21 AM
  2. Make a registry with Ikea and the Container Store and add all your want items for your new home there (but don’t share them just yet). After you move in and start getting settled, see if you really need all those items you wanted. Do you prefer the more open space? Did you find something else you needed more? After 10 days of the official move-in date reassess your registry and then share with family and friends (they have the option to have it sent straight to you or can bring it to your housewarming party).
  3. Try to only keep what is absolutely necessary to your lifestyle. When I first moved to New York I wanted to keep everything I had acquired through vintage shopping over the years, but by the first Spring I was already donating trash bags full of “worthless” and “space hogging” items. Keep what brings you joy and what you use often. Everything else can go.
  4. Access the cost of moving against buying new, especially if you are moving across the country. Looking back Philip and I should have sold everything and bought fresh up here in New York. Instead we spent about $4k to get a Pod sent up here with all our furniture, and then $1k more to travel up here with our cats. In reality, we could have spent $1k on new items and not had to hire movers to help bring stuff up the stairs. But now that we are in NY, it will cost us $300 for movers to take all our items across town and do everything for us.

Into the City: Moving Tips

FullSizeRender 17

{Here I am Summer 2016 at my wits end with our move to NYC}

  1. Unless it is a family heirloom, leave your furniture behind (feel free to sell it to help fund your move!). It is cheaper to buy new items from ikea and then replace them later with something you love instead of paying thousands to ship what you already have. Starting fresh is always a glorious feeling.
  2. Save your money! Where P and I live we had to make 80 times the rent each year to rent our apartment directly from the company. We also had to prove this with bank records. If you don’t make that much you need to have a guarantor who does. If you don’t have that, you either need to  1) pay rent upfront or 2) offer a huge security deposit. If these aren’t options, then you will be forced to sublease.
  3. It is worth paying more to live closer to work and school. Unless you have a car or use lift/uber, a 15 minute walk in the summer will quickly turn into an 1 hour long walk in bad weather (rain,snow, etc).
  4. When you do buy new items don’t buy for the place you want, buy assuming you will have to downsize later. P and I bought some brand new items from Ikea and had them shipped to use the day after we moved in. It was a snap getting them all in the new place but then we realized that the dimensions were not quite right and we purchased too many too large items. We should have bought what we needed only after we arrived.
  5. Hire a moving company to unload your items, your back will thank you. Also overestimate the amount of items you have and time it will take to unload it all. You don’t want to have to pay extra for misrepresenting what you have on accident.

Apartment Reveal: Guest Room 1.0

P and I had our roommate move out in November, so we decided to redefine our space a little bit. We took over the master bedroom for ourselves (our roommate’s former room), turned our room into the guest room, and then made plans to turn the remaining bedroom into an office space for the both of us. Though we do have plans to downsize into an even smaller space this summer (no more roommates for us!) we decided to spread out our possessions in order to see what else we could potentially part with.


{Almost everything thing in this room is Ikea}


{P and I have plans to hang my father’s guitars over the bed}img_2882



Cat Tent

In spring 2016 I made an awesome cat tent for FDR using these instructions that I found on Pinterest. Though the tent itself did not make it to NYC because of its lack of washability, for almost a year it did hold up very well. For those of you on a budget this is a great tutorial how to make an enjoyable tent for your sweet kitties to lounge in (mine cost a total of $3.00 since most supplies I had on hand), but for those of you who have a little more to spend check out this trendy tent or this cute pineapple-shaped igloo.


Record Storage: Redux


Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 7.26.28 PM.png

When P and I lived in Mississippi we used plastic bins to store all our records while our record player sat on top of a beautiful vintage wood and glass end-table. Unfortunately, we left both the bins and the table in Mississippi with some dear friends. For the first couple months we lived in NYC our record player was packed in its box on the pile of records in our living room. As a christmas gift to ourselves we bought the above Vinyl Storage Shelf from Urban Outfitters. This shelf is no longer sold at Urban Outfitters but they do sell similar styles like this Wooden Media Console or this Metal Vinyl Record Storage Shelf. Our speaker is sitting on an Ikea Picture Ledge. It is now easier for us to grab a desired record and our cats no longer sleep on them!

FullSizeRender.jpgRight now the records are sorted by type and genre: christmas, plays, instrumentals, soundtracks, and musical artists. The dividers are my father’s guitars books and our larger multi-record books. I am really inspired by the below dividers and hopefully I will have the opportunity for the DIY project soon.

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 7.40.29 PM.png


Styling Bookshelves

One of my future home wish list items is to have built-in bookshelves in the living room. I want to be able to display all the amazing books and collectibles P and I have found over the years. Though my wish is always the same, I have changed how I display things on the shelves we currently own. When I first moved in with Philip we arranged the books by his and mine. After integration I tried organizing them by subject (Drama, Non-Fiction, Fantasy, etc). Here in our NYC apartment they are arranged by color.

fullsizerender-13{Use height to your advantage: stack books to make mini shelves for collectibles}

fullsizerender-11{Vary the direction of the books for each shelf}

fullsizerender-12{Small trinkets can go in corners if you have the space}

fullsizerender-15{Be careful about the amount of items you display with the books, no one wants to go through a maze before getting their read}

fullsizerender-14{Utilize the top shelf as well: you can put less read items up there, or special decorations}

Room Reveal: Guest Room

Our guest room is also the room we are using for AirBNB. I guess one could say that we have having guests down to an art.  It is perfect for when P and I have family over, but luxurious enough for someone to stay long-term leisurely.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Still to do in the guest room: 1) mount guitars on the wall above bed. 2) Switch out the bedside table for something smaller to allow more space in the room.

Apartment Reveal: Blank Slate

P and I moved to NYC in summer 2016.We were lucky enough to score a place in Ft. Greene with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. Our front room we have a roommate in, but our middle bedroom we are using for personal guests and Airbnb visitors. We are currently still far from finished in our apartment, but here are pictures of the blank slate that we moved into.

Planning some room reveals soon.


[Our kitchen, and Zia.]img_2074

[Opposite the kitchen wall is the living room, you can see the door to the front bedroom.]


[Middle bathroom off the living room and kitchen.]


[Bathroom down the hall with the luxury of a tub.]