Faux Gingerbread Ornaments DIY

[I had originally started this post in 2012 when I made these ornaments for my mother. I suppose in this case, late is better than never.]

I really enjoyed making these faux gingerbread like figures. On Pinterest the purpose of the figures are for gift decorations but instead I made them into ‘gingerbread’ ornaments.

Supplies needed (bakers twine for ornaments only ):

To make the figures–

Draw your designs lightly in pencil

Outline the designs with a polka dot outline with white puff paint

Fill in with lines and polka dots of puff paint in desired styles

Allow to dry for at least 3 hours before handling

To make the ornaments–

An Announcement

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 10.24.11 PM

I am excited to announce that my professional website has launched! You can now go to KMGLAESS.com to see my portfolio for both art and film. If you venture into my films you will see samples, various projects, and a list of films I am currently working on. In the art section, you can see my extensive portfolio (i.e. commissioned, school, freelance) in multiple mediums as well as available prints, original works, and information regarding classes and commissions.

Feel free to leave comments, share items your likes, and send me some feedback on how you feel regarding the flow of the site.



Small Things

Time seems to be flying by really fast over this summer. I barely have over 30 days before classes begin again. Not long ago it seemed like school was ages away. I have been enjoying the company of friends a lot and I am blessed to be able to see so many over the break. I remember in undergrad the city of Oxford would become very deserted and all my friends were usually out-of-state. I am becoming more adventurous on my own though: Ft. Greene Farmer’s Market, Bars, Festivals, finding the best cheap dive restaurants and much more.

FullSizeRender 91

{I cannot wait to wear this vintage homemade dress in the fall. <3}

FullSizeRender 94

{I went through my art supplies this past week. My bujo friend Kay is receiving about 15 lbs worth of watercolors, pencils, acrylic paints, watercolor paper and assorted pastels. }

FullSizeRender 100

{My favorite photo of a photo from Texas. My Grandma Kay’s parents doing what they did best.}

Pocket Calendar Notebook Reveal

This pocket Cahier notebook houses my schedule for specific aspects of my life on a convenient monthly planner I created myself. With a quick look I can tell what I am doing in very specific areas of my day-to-day activities. This is convenient for me so I do not have to pull out my large bujo every time I want to add something to my schedule. It is also good for habit building. As the name suggests, this fits easily into my pocket and the outer pockets of my backpack allowing me to quickly check and update it regularly. I sometimes store it with my pocket notebook for easy access.

Update 7.18.17- I kept up with it really well in the beginning of June, but once I started filling my time  with life it became harder to keep track of. It is really convenient for me to see all of my posts for L & L in once calendar with no competing distractions so I might consider keeping one for just my L & L posts. I am toying with the idea of scrapping the pocket calendar altogether and turning this into a bullet list of to-dos for each season. Reason being: I am tired of writing every event twice. I am also  tired of rewriting my task list over and over again in my current format in my large bujo. I would rather write it once (I am considering a Yearly To-Do at the front of the Bujo for long term goals) and then write it under the day in my bujo that the task was completed. Paired with my pocket notebook I would be unstoppable, unless I lost it then I would be totally crippled. Ideas to think about.

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Texas, Summer 2017

Here are some photos I took during my trip in Texas.

FullSizeRender 107FullSizeRender 114

Backroad behind my grandmother’s ranch.

FullSizeRender 98FullSizeRender 103FullSizeRender 108

Hopkins County Courthouse, Square and Veterans Memorial.

FullSizeRender 125FullSizeRender 123FullSizeRender 115FullSizeRender 99FullSizeRender 119FullSizeRender 122FullSizeRender 105FullSizeRender 102

Here are some photos I took of amazing photos from my Grandma Kay’s house.

FullSizeRender 106FullSizeRender 104

Wedding in Mexico, 1949. All the bridesmaids arrived a week before and sewed all their dresses in one day.

FullSizeRender 124

My grandmother (left), her parents, and her older sister. My great-aunt Char loved to ride horses and was still wearing her riding boots.

FullSizeRender 111

My dad and uncle john sporting some weird facial hair and silly faces in Europe circa early 1980s. FullSizeRender 116FullSizeRender 112FullSizeRender 96

Portrait from the Hopkins County? Hospital. They had the Medical Director’s portraits on the wall and gave my grandmother my grandfather’s portrait.

FullSizeRender 109FullSizeRender 126FullSizeRender 117FullSizeRender 97

Find of the Week: Pom-Pom and Tassel Key Chain

FullSizeRender 37.jpg

One of the first things I wanted to do after moving in to my new apartment was get a nice keychain for my keys. I kind of stumbled upon this one on Etsy recently after checking out some vintage inspired Votes For Women Tees. It is bright, fun, playful and absolutely perfect for the summer season.  Besides looking very stylish in my purse and backpack, it has helped ensure that I won’t forget my keys. When I first moved into Bed-Stuy I removed all of the old keys from my ring (I truly believe one key was from lock diary from 7th grade) and started leaving the ring behind locking me out more than once since I was not used to how small and lightweight they had become. Now I have no excuse to leave them behind on accident.


DIY Inspiration Board

What You’ll Need:

  • Cork Board
  • Acrylic/Wood/Fancy Push Pins
  • Assorted Pictures/Trinkets/ Art you don’t plan to frame/etc.

FullSizeRender 18

  1.  Remove everything from the cork board. You need to start clean.

FullSizeRender 20

2. Add the most meaningful larger pieces to the board. Use the Rule of 3 for the first placement (place at least 3 items in a triangle-like pattern).

FullSizeRender 21

3. Fill in some of the negative space with the additional large to medium size images you have. It does not have to be balanced. Feel free to play around and move these new pieces about. Do not move the original pieces from step 2.

FullSizeRender 17

4. Add personal photos. Feel free to overlap with some of the images from steps 2 or 3.

FullSizeRender 22

5. Add in the smallest elements. In this step you will be looking for balance. I have enamel pins without frogs in the back, earrings with no mate, product tags I really liked, small worthless charms and broken jewelry, notes from friends and from class.

My inspiration board hangs over my desk and I usually start from scratch re-styling it every year. To create an inspiration board for an event use the images, words, phrases and colors you desire. If you don’t plan to restyle the board, invest in some foam board and glue instead of tacks and cork.

Small Things

Coming back from a much needed vacation almost deserves a day of recovery from just the vacation. Today I flew back to NYC with FDR in tow leaving behind family and friends in both Florida and Texas. Despite being a vacation it was really jam-packed. Two days were spent in airports with a cat carrier, 2 days were spent in a Honda Van on a highway, 2 days were in an isolated town in Texas with no internet and poor phone signal, and the remaining 3 days were spent in Florida drinking, kayaking, pooling, eating, and having 3 cavities filled. Despite the wind being taken out of me, I am very grateful I was able to spend time with my grandmother who is in her mid-90s and my old brother before he is stationed in the middle-east for 9 months. Both were very solemn good-byes, a custom I become very socially awkward around.

FullSizeRender 11

{Close-up of a completed Jane Austen coloring page}

FullSizeRender 29

{The recipe book is filling up. So glad I get to cut out photos from the Blue Apron recipes as reference.}

FullSizeRender 54

{I wear these socks when I want to feel empowered to get a job done! }

Find of the Week: Recipe Book

FullSizeRender 80

While my mother was visiting me in April I took her to a store where I knew we would both get in trouble, PaperSource. While there I found a gorgeous recipe book that enabled one to fill in their favorite recipes. Unlike traditional books where you write on recipe cards and then insert them into clear enclosures, this book offered two full pages dedicated to archiving just one recipe. The nail was driven further home only when I found out the little book with the gorgeous design that reminded me of Italian Limonchello was Kate Spade. It will not be a chore for me to transfer my favorite Blue Apron Recipes into this book as well as some tried-and-true family favorites. To accompany the recipe book, I bought a complimentary colored Moleskine that I could write and paste cooking techniques in.

FullSizeRender 85FullSizeRender 84FullSizeRender 83FullSizeRender 82


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