Blue Apron Meals

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Spiced-Rubbed Pork with Sweet Red Onion and Black Beans

5 out of 5 stars. This recipe was very filling and full of robust flavor. I ended up not being able to finish my portion and instead ended up splitting it into four portions which I had throughout the week. My only complaint was that the onions that were roasting became burnt because they spent too long in the oven based on the time the recipe called for. I would suggest placing them on a different sheet pan so you can pull the, if necessary.

P.S. This recipe was part of the Guest Chef Series featuring Brooke Williamson of TOP CHEF. I filmed myself creating this recipe and step by step giving instructions how you can make it at home. The intention was to submit it for a chance to have private lessons with Brooke Williamson and a two days stay in an NYC hotel. Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to edit the film (3-7 minutes) in time to submit, but I will share it with my readers once it is completed.

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Chicken Meatballs & Fregola Sarda with Kale & Sicilian Tomato Sauce

5 out of 5 stars.  The recipe was easy to follow and did not require too many dishes. I don’t remember having ever tasted Fragola Sarda Pasta before but I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed it. I accidentally made the meatballs too big so they took longer to cook. This was tasty both warm and cold. I had a bunch of Kale left over and there was enough for three full portions.

Katsu-Style Catfish with Black Garlic Mayonnaise and Jasmine Rice

I did not get to make or eat the Katsu catfish because I was accidentally delivered two Meatball knick-knacks bags instead of the meatball bag and a catfish bag. I notified customer service as soon as a noticed the issue (sadly at the end of the week moment before I was about to start prepping the veggies) but have yet to hear back from them. I have only even had one issue before and it was in regards to the freshness of my meat. They ended up giving me a credit for $20 for my next order as per their freshness guarantee. I will keep you posted about the outcome for this issue.

Update: I was contacted by customer service and they credited me another $20 toward a future order.

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