Five T.V. Shows to Catch Up On

WEST WORLD on HBO- Season 1, [An adaption/reboot of Michael Creighton’s 1973 movie of the same name, leaves an audience wondering what it means to be alive. In this world, visitors pay extraordinary sums of money to experience the Old West, but really the adventure is not about who they think they can become, but who they have always been.]

DESIGNATED SURVIVOR on ABC (HULU)- Season 1, [The U.S. Government is wiped out in an instant, and the one man designated in the line of succession to run the country is the least likely candidate, even to himself.]

FRESH OFF THE BOAT on ABC (HULU) – Season 3, [First-generation Asian-American children, along with their immigrant parents and Taiwanese grandmother, navigate the culture clash of 1990’s Orlando and the rigors of growing up.]

ASH Vs. EVIL DEAD on Starz- Season 2, [Despite Ash doing his best to keep his distance from all things evil, he and his friends are dragged back into their own personal hell in Ash’s estranged hometown.]

BROOKLYN Nine-Nine on Fox (HULU)- Season 4, [Detective Jake Peralta and his NYPD co-workers try to get back in a comfortable groove following Jake and Commander Holt’s return from witness protection.]

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