Sleep No More


{Image courtesy of Sleep No More}

The Show Sleep No More isone of multiple experiences that one can enjoy at the McKittrick Hotel located in Manhattan, NY. The show takes place indoors, over multiple floors of the McKittrick Hotel, and lasts up to three hours. Traditional theatre performances have the audience sit and watch actors create a narrative in a predetermined space, with the actors disappearing behind the curtain when they are no longer needed to drive the plot. Sleep No More is instead immersive theater, where the audience is given a mask for anonymity and a sensory-driven show: they have the freedom to follow individual actors and their stories  undhindered (with no breaks or access to phones), and the ability explore the set which offers glimpses into the backstories of the characters.

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Philip and I went to this on my 24th birthday. All I had heard about the performance was that it was Macbeth inspired, but otherwise I was not really sure what to expect. I personally am a fan of film, TV, art, and theatre so I was excited to try something new. Sleep No More allowed me to choose my own adventure, and offered me background tidbits along the way concerning what I was seeing in front of me. The set reminded me of Disney World: everything had a place and offered a glimpse into the world of the characters. I could open drawers, read notes between characters, and could even be covered in blood if I wasn’t attentive

I loved this experience, and it is something that every person that attends experiences differently. Some of my friends have been bored with this performance, but I think any person could easily find something that their attention is drawn to for the evening.


{Image courtesy of Sleep No More}

Tips for those interested in attending:

1.Wear practical shoes- some people choose to run to follow the actors, but there are uneven surfaces across the set.

2. Bring a sweater (with buttons or zippers), use your pockets, but leave your bags and coats at home. This will save you $4.00 per person at the mandatory coat check.

3. Read as many papers during the performance while you can! This will tell you a little bit of background information in regards to the performance if you want it.

4. This is not a haunted house- books will not open hidden rooms, no one will pop out at you, do not be scared to enter dark rooms. Actors might interact with one or two audience members to drive the plot, but mostly the audience members are ghosts observing only.

5. You may choose to just look around the amazing set and ignore the actors. Thats cool, but make sure you go to the stairwells and access all the floors. (I never made it to two floors because I didn’t realize they were there.)

6. If you get winded or tired, sit down and catch your breath. Water is always available in the Mandalay Bar on the ground floor free of charge.

7. Don’t get drunk before you go. You might throw up in the performance.

6. You can *take souvenirs. All of the papers are replaced each morning, candy in the shops are replenished, and only actors hold on to integral props. *Don’t steal real items of value from the set.

7. Wear your contacts. My glasses kept getting in the way and fogging up at bad times.


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