Deep End, 1970


{Theatrical Release Poster}

A 15-year-old boy gets a job at a bathhouse and quickly becomes sexually obsessed with his female coworker.

Synopsis: Mike gets his first job ever working as an attendant at a bathhouse. He relies heavily on the female attendant Susan, to show him the ropes including how to get better tips. Mike slowly becomes obsessed with everything about Susan. He starts following Susan and her fiancé, damages property, trespasses, steal, reports false crimes, and become violent, all for the love of the woman who does not love him back. In the end, his unrequited love, and her wanting to deal with his boyish desires in her own way, leads to her accidental death.

Thoughts: This was a twisted and tragic story that reminded me of Rushmore (1998) if the protagonist didn’t grow up emotionally finding a realistic girlfriend, and instead, killed the woman of his desires.

There were times that this was absolutely hilarious: two women taunting each other from across the room silently while red paint is being added to the wall behind them, Mike eating 6 hot dogs until he got sick just waiting for Susan to come out of the club, and the police turning their attention to all there wrong people.

This film really made me uncomfortable thought, and I felt it was very irresponsible. Even though the main character is a boy of 15, I see him as more of an antagonist than anything else. He stalks his coworker. He follows her on dates, outside her house, to clubs, steals a nude cut-out of her, and consistently bombards and abuses her in public. That being said, she is not the most forthright or virtue-filled character. She is cheating on her fiancé with a married man, while being a lady of the night in her off time. BUT, this still does not warrant someone to stalk, harass, and eventually kill her.

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