Erin Condren Planner

I was very hesitant paying so much for a planner I had never tested myself, but mine was falling apart so I took a chance in purchasing this planner from Erin Condren. Looking back, it was one of the best purchases I have made in a long while.


Each planner comes with a customizable front cover, that is removable. You can keep your cover for years, and change your cover throughout the year to match the season or your mood.  Elastic band sold separately.


Each month starts with a mostly blank page where you can input your own stuff, plus a quote.


Month at a glance. Room on the far right for notes.


I opted to have an hourly calendar by the week. There was a section on the side for notes. I have seen countless Etsy stores that offer customizable stickers that you can add here: Fitness trackers, water trackers, to do lists, everything!


Room in the back for notes or adding contact information on the go.


There was one sheet of stickers with pre-printed messages, but there are also three sheets of plain multiple color stickers where you can fill it in with your own.


Each planner comes with a marbled, two sided folder following the sticker sheets.


This cute date planner came with the planner. I chose to use the sticker attachment and made it part of my planner, but it can be used elsewhere in your life.


A plastic envelope that seals is in the back along with all sorts of other Erin Condren product samples: customizable sticks, notecards, inspiration cards, etc.


Use my referral link to get $10.00 off your first purchase. You can find all of the Erin Condren products here.


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