Packages, Grovin’ and Pranks

[Originally Posted in September 2011]

So my mom sent me a huge “I miss my life without you” package. There were a bunch of goodies plus things I couldn’t fit into my car (9 pairs of shoes) when I originally moved up here. It came in on Friday thank goodness. The heels I wanted to wear on Saturday were in there. And speaking of Saturday. First football game of the seaon for the Ole’ Miss Rebels!! We ended up losing within the last minute, I have no comment for that unfortunate event, but “Groving” before, after and during the game was an experience. People started tailgating around 9 that morning, even thought the game was at 4! I did’t get down their with a friend until 12:30 and by then half of the tailgaters were drunk. Later that night, my friend, her guy friend and I went to her dorm to chill for a bit, and her guy friend fell asleep. Very bad idea. He woke up with painted fingernails and smelling like a ‘Fierce Tigress.’

{White house Black Market Dress, Besso Purse, Moda Spana Heels}


{Nine West watch, Forever 21 Earrings, Goodwill Sunglasses, Mom’s Bangle}


{Bracelets from the Frat Parties on Friday night}
{Poor Will}


{Ok… maybe we enjoyed ourselves a bit too much}

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