Why Etsy?


May 2006- One of their last issues

When I was in middle and high school I was an avid reader of ElleGirl Magazine. It always had the best crafts, ideas, articles on people, life as a teenager, and inspirational stories. One of their series articles always highlighted a girl who had a successful webpage (mind you that this is circa 2004/2005). Many girls just had blogs, but I remember reading about a girl who had an online business and I was so inspired by her drive, her skills, and her site. Since then her original webpage is no longer active, but I did find her more recent blog posts here.

The summer after my freshman year in undergrad, I convinced myself that I too could have an online business. Etsy was just getting popular then, and since it was free I decided to take a risk. In 2012 I opened an Etsy store with a bunch of crafts I had made thinking I would make a fortune. I am a little more realistic now- I sell products that people want to buy, and not ones that my mother would claim are “fabulous”.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 10.14.42 AM

My products and clients have changed drastically over time and I am happy where I am with my store. I don’t feel comfortable selling my real art through the site, because it is a totally different brand, but maybe one day I will have a little shop of my own somewhere where I have a little gallery attached.

Feel free to learn more about my Etsy Store and how to start your own under the Etsy Store page.

Update: 10/08/2016- After 6 years, I decided to close my Etsy store. Instead of selling my work, I am focusing on my writing and graduate school, while creating meaningful pieces for my home .

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